Importance of Time Management for Students

“Time isn’t the main thing. It is the only thing.” This quote from Miles Davis accurately describes the importance of proper time management in our lives. Students’ lives today are equally, if not more, challenging than adults. They need to have proper time management in their lives more than ever. One of 0the important roles of a teacher  is to teach their students how to master the skill of time management.

Importance of Time Management for Students

Importance of Time Management for Students –

Imagine the most successful person you know. Both of you have an equal amount of time at the start of each day at your disposal. What then, explains the difference between them and the rest of us? Quite often, the difference between people who make it big in life and others is that the former have impeccable time management skills. What’s great is that it is not any gifted trait that can’t be learned with practice. In fact, with little practice, a student can see a noticeable improvement in his understanding and performance in the classroom. It helps to teach individuals how to manage time when they are young and have a lot more of it by their side. Before teaching your students the skill of time management, you need to make them understand its importance. Especially today, when students are staying at home and are being taught with the help of education apps, they need to learn the importance of time management more than ever. Here are a few ways how having better time management skills might prove invaluable for students….

Better Grades-

All that last-minute cramming before the examination helps with is securing passing marks and getting promoted to the next class, sometimes not even that. Moreover, you don’t have any deep knowledge of the concepts which you are expected to know having passed the class. This can limit your understanding of related concepts when they come up in higher standards and your teachers might not explain it as they expect you to know it. This can seriously compromise a student’s development into a well-rounded individual. On the other hand, a student who knows the skill of proper time management and believes in the regular revision of the concepts being taught in the classroom naturally will have better grades, more confidence, and a better life in the time to come.

Time to Pursue Your Hobbies-

If students know about proper time management skills, they can finish their allotted work in less time and make time for extracurricular activities while a student who can’t manage time effectively will be left frustrated and get a lot less done at the same time. Thus, proper time management makes students more productive and also improves your mood as you get more time to pursue your interests after finishing off with your homework.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress related to academics-

Most students suffer from study-related stress and anxiety at some level. Learning to manage their time properly can work wonders in reducing their feeling of uneasiness and help in better managing academic stress. With a decreased level of stress, students become more productive and it helps in improving their confidence and performance in the classroom. Thus, the benefits of learning effective time management skills are manifold.

Better Organization-

Proper time management helps in making students better organized and more productive. It also helps if students create a timetable and make a habit of doing the same things at the same time, each day. This will give them a clear idea about what to expect from each day and remove any clutter of uncertainty or disorganization from their mind.

Better Social Life-

When students learn to manage their time effectively, it automatically helps them in other areas of their lives as well. They can devote more time to their social lives, hanging out with friends, traveling, and exploring their life to the fullest. This helps them in improving their confidence, poise and develop better personalities which will help them everywhere throughout life.

Therefore, it is evident that time management is an important skill that every student should learn in order to become successful. Teachers and students need to keep in mind the various ways in which proper time management can help them in every sphere of their lives as this can be a strong motivator for them to give learning proper time management skills a try.

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