Thesis Statement Writing Secrets

Grin and Bare Writing Assignment  

Well hello! Your favorite professor decided to bewilder you with a writing assignment? Be sure you won’t disappoint him. Even more, show how cool you are.

What the professor will see in your writing assignment:

  • language accuracy;
  • each line of your essay will be penetrated with deep knowledge of the topic;
  • key phrases, answers, and basic statements in this area;
  • terse and clear introduction.
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Writing Assignment or How Not to Miss a Boat

Do writing assignments seem to be a languishing way of spending your time? What’s the problem? I guess the thing might be in your misunderstanding of the real purpose of such works and lack of writing skills. In this case, it is better to get help from the thesis writing service. Writers who work at reliable writing services have the required writing skills and know exactly how thesis statements should be written.

While writing the essay, you get enough practice in grammar, reading, turning your thoughts into words, and adduction of basic arguments. If you really want to learn writing assignments on different topics, then you have to make some efforts to reach it:

  • get to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation each time when you are writing something:
  • read a lot of literature and well-written texts. It will obviously help you to expand a word stock and coordinate your thoughts. Not bad, ha?
  • you will teach to research the information faster;
  • join a writing class.

Difficulties on Your Way to Success

At last, you decided to start work, but can’t even imagine what to write… Feel free to search some materials and read articles and comments of specialists in this area. In such a way, you’ll understand what difficulties exist in this field and what answers people want to receive.

Your Strong Start

First of all, don’t panic. Here are several helpful principles which could form the strong basis of your work:

  • generate and formulate a problem;
  • think, how is it better to develop basic arguments and key phrases. 

As usually, good thesis statements contain such attributes:

  • subject upon which can touch off a violent argument. Ignite a real controversy and let them have a brainstorm.
  • express the main idea. Information in your work should be interesting and easy for the readers. While reading your thesis statement, people should say: “This work is brilliant! Here I have found all the answers, which I had been searching for a solid hour. Here is nothing in excess; you cannot wish for anything better.”  
  • make counterattacks by strong conclusions about the subject. Don’t let your readers close their mouths from the excitement.      

Truth or False about a Thesis Statement

A: “Should the thesis statement contain a three-part structure?”

B: “No. Such a structure which you mentioned, is given in schools for a basic sense of organization and its scheme. While constructing your own thesis statement, you may feel free to use suitable structures for the arguments.”    

A: “Could the thesis statement be several sentences?”

B: “Yes, it’s possible. The main task is to make the thesis statement clear. So, you’ll need more than one sentence to provide arguments on this topic. Do you agree?”

A: “Placement of thesis statement. It could be only at the end of the introduction?”

B: “Well, the thesis statement is the main claim of the paper; that’s why it should be near the end of the introduction. It will highlight key points of your paper.”      

A: “Should I use the pronoun “I” while writing the thesis statement?”

B: “Actually, it depends on your preferences and writing style. You can use

phrases like “in this essay, I will argue that …” They will serve as a perfect writing prompt that you can use while writing your essay. You can keep this phrase in your thesis statement or not – it is up to you.

An essay in the form of reasoning is designed to prove to the reader a particular point of view. It is important to convince them of the stated thought by parsing the text into components. Complicated quotations and heavy participial expressions must be broken down into small and understandable ones.

Theses for composing reasoning should demonstrate the ability to think not only logically but also connect spiritual feelings. Following a clear structure is the main step toward a concise and catchy thesis plan.

First, specific reasoning is put forward, which clearly indicates the inflexible position of the author. The end of the sentence includes a clear conclusion from everything said. All parts of the thesis should have a logical structure. Repetitions in the main body paragraphs are not allowed.

How to correctly formulate a thesis in the form of reasoning? The starting point for solving the problem is a clearly defined thought. This is followed by a compelling and persuasive argument. In the end, a logical and concise conclusion is made, affecting the formulation of the main question.

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