Global Positioning System – What Is It And What Are Its Different Benefits?

The Global Positioning System or GPS have been discovered by the U.S. Department of Defense (D.O.D) and Ivan Getting. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that is made up of 24 satellites. It was originally made for military applications, however in the 1980s, the Government made it available even for civilian use.

Global Positioning System – What Is It And What Are Its Different Benefits?

Global Positioning System – What Is It And What Are Its Different Benefits?

GPS provides its services in any weather conditions, 24 hours a day and from anywhere in the world. The technology makes use of a satellite to track your whereabouts on the earth. You do not have to pay any setup charges or subscription fees to use GPS.

GPS technology can be divided into two groups.They are:

  1. Tracking device
  2. Navigation system

GPS tracking device – The GPS tracking device is the simplest type of technology. You can use them in combination with the communication technologies such as telephony and radio transmission. With the help of tracking device, a tracking center can watch the movements of various vehicles or people. These may be military-men, police, criminals or young children whose parents want to watch them when they’re away. The tracking device has GPS software, GPS receiver and a device to broadcast the resulting co-ordinates like cell phones or GPS watches that send out radio waves.

GPS navigation system – When any user is located through GPS, the location can be recognized on a map. This is helpful for the tasks such as looking for a route, locating a unit or choosing a suitable route. However, navigation requires map work and this is not at all a part of the GPS system. As such, mapping needs to be done by using associated technologies which often requires the usage of movable computers and gadgets.

Some benefits of Global Positioning System

If you’re planning to buy a GPS or a device that has a GPS built-in, read on to know some benefits of having one.

  • A GPS system has an alarm button. On clicking this button, an operator at the GPS carrier can hear the conversation and may help you or alert the authorities. This is going to keep you safe if, by chance, any accident or hi jack takes place.
  • If you have GPS system in your car, plane, boat or haversack, then this guarantee that your vehicles will never get lost.
  • A GPS system modernizes truck movements and supply chains. The system can follow the goods at any time and predict exactly as to when goods will reach their destination.
  • You can find your lost child, family members with the help of a GPS system. This device is very small in size and is similar to a button or a watch.
  • You aren’t going to loose your car at a football match or mall. The GPS service will follow your car and also send its lights that are sparkling.
  • In case your car gets stolen, you can track where your vehicle is with the help of the GPS system. The authorities will get it back soon.
  • GPS systems enable you to identify structural problems in roads, buildings and to forecast natural calamities such as earthquake and so on.
  • GPS is an excellent exercise supervisor that will enable you to keep a track of your speed.

Thus, before you may sign up for a GPS system, make sure you know what you will have to pay for it and what the monthly fee is going to cover.

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