Where Do I Find the Best Course for DevOps?

You must already know about DevOps and how it focuses on increased collaboration between development and operations teams. DevOps skills are in high demand these days, with DevOps engineers commanding lucrative salaries. But before you can think of landing a job in DevOps, you need the necessary skills and expertise. People often turn to DevOps certification training courses to step into the road leading to a rewarding DevOps career. Irrespective of your background, a DevOps Certification can help you learn and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.

Where Do I Find the Best Course for DevOps?

Where Do I Find the Best Course for DevOps?-

Learning DevOps will help you observe how organizations work and make you familiar with the working of the product life cycle. Now, there are many offline and online courses available to teach you DevOps concepts from scratch. However, we would recommend you to take an online course as you would not need to take out significant time off your busy schedule. The course materials will be provided to you instantly and you can start learning right away. Moreover, such courses are designed by industry experts present across the world, and you don’t need to rely on the limited knowledge of local instructors.

Here are some of the top courses you can check out to learn DevOps online.

Post Graduate Program in DevOps

Training Provider – Simplilearn in collaboration with California Institute of Technology’s Center for Technology and Management Education (Caltech CTME)

Do you want to learn the art of improving the development and operational activities of your team? If yes, then this training program is for you. This 9-months program (5 to 10 hours per week) includes a comprehensive curriculum including the concepts of DevOps, CI/CD with Jenkins, Git, GitHub, configuration management, Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Puppet, and more. Additionally, it covers skills like DevOps methodology, containerization, DevOps on Cloud, source control, continuous integration, and deployment automation.

Here are the courses covered in this DevOps training program:

  • DevOps certification training
  • Configuration management with Chef, Puppet, and Ansible
  • Docker Certified Associate certification training
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator training
  • DevOps on AWS
  • DevOps Capstone Project

DevOps Culture and Mindset

Training Provider – the University of California, Davis on Coursera

This training program is designed to help you learn the foundational principles of DevOps and how it can promote enhanced collaboration between developers and operations teams. The instructors will take you through topics like system thinking, continuous improvement, feedback loops, managing risks, loosely coupled architecture and teams, and dealing with unplanned work. Further, you will understand the strategies to manage work, keep it organized, maintain a high level of quality by following key DevOps principles, and value stream mapping.

Here’s how the syllabus of this DevOps program is divided:

  • Introducing DevOps concepts
  • Working with DevOps mindset
  • Keeping work organized with DevOps
  • Using DevOps to speed up time to market

Become a Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree Program

Training Provider – Udacity

Learn how to operationalize infrastructure at scale and deliver applications and services at high velocity with this DevOps Nanodegree program. This 4-months course (10 hours per week) will help you learn the basics of cloud computing while exploring the compute power, security, messaging, storage, and management services in the cloud. You should have intermediate knowledge of Javascript, web development with HTML and CSS, Linux command line, and familiarity with object-oriented programming.

The syllabus of this DevOps course is divided into the following sections:

  • Cloud foundations
  • Deploy Infrastructure as Code (IAC)
  • Build CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and logging
  • Microservices at scale using Kubernetes

Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

Training provider – the Linux Foundation on edX

This in-depth training program helps you learn how to start transforming your organization using the principles and practices of DevOps. This self-paced course takes 1 to 2 hours per week to be completed in 10 weeks. It has been designed as a first step in a learner’s journey of transforming operations into an all-round DevOps expert. You will understand the foundation, principles, and practices of DevOps and site reliability engineering. The instructors will also explain to you how the open container ecosystem, with Kubernetes in the lead, is revolutionizing software delivery and what role an operations engineer plays in it.

Prior knowledge of Linux systems, networking concepts, scripting, computer and network security concepts, virtualization concepts, and system administration and troubleshooting is recommended.

Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course

Take this course if you want to learn how to build, deploy, use and maintain Kubernetes. You will learn how to install and configure Kubernetes, run stateless and stateful applications on it, using volume to provide persistence to containers, and use Docker Client, kubeadm, kops, or minikube to set up your cluster. The instructor will show you how to build apps in containers using Docker and how to deploy those on a Kubernetes cluster. 

Upon enrolling, you will get access to 14 hours of on-demand video, one article, and two practice tests. The course has also been updated regularly to include the latest information on DevOps.  

Check out the course curriculum for each one of them, look at the instructor profile, and understand if they match your learning needs. Finally, select any one of them and start your DevOps journey.

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