How to write Bold Blue Color Text (Font) in WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook

Bold Blue Color Text(Font): Here, we are see that how to type bold blue font in WhatsApp or Facebook in mobile? WhatsBlueText is the one of the android app on play store. Which is create a blue bold color fonts for social media websites. Such as (Facebook Messenger, Instagram) and instant messenger (growth, BBM and WhatsApp) allows you to write Bold Blue Color Text (Font) is the first Android app.

How to Type Blue Color Text/Fonts?

Latest WhatApp apk update a few month ago. In which, it bold and italic text using styles of decoration has launched a feature added. But now you can also message in blue font. The name and position can write WhatsApp.

Sure, it’s neither one nor the WhatsApp Inc. is a part of the official update for sure.

How to Use WhatsBlueText?

It is available on the Internet like other apps is a very simple app fancy text generator. But it is unique because of the convenience Bold Blue Color Text. Yes!!! You for free in the app you can get this amazing stylish blue font.

Messenging, status updates and use the application to change the name WhatsBlueText simple steps.

  1. Update Whatsapp App.
  2. Go to Google Play store and download WhatsBlueText Stylish Font App.
  3. Install.

  1. You will see two text box on top. Type anything in first text box.
  2. Surprisingly you will see a stylish blue colour font in next text box.
  3. Tap on that text box to copy blue coloured text.
  4. You need to invite 7 friends to use this app or Purchase a pro version to skip the invite.
  5. Once you invite 7 friends, you will be automatically redirected to Pro version without paying a single penny.
  6. Now you can enjoy the fancy 25+ styled text for free.

How to use Blue Colored Text as a Whatsapp Status?

WhatsBluetext is live now to write to write Whatsapp status in blue colored font. People are always crazy about do something different than others, keeping the same idea in mind. we come up with an interesting app which allows Android users to write blue coluor whatsapp status.

Whatsbluetext is a free app to write 25+ different stylish fonts in social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram as well instant messaging services like hike, whatsapp and BBM as well.

Blue Colored Font as Whatsapp Status:

Follow the simple steps to decorate your whatsapp status in blue color.

  • Download WhatsBlueText App.
  • You need to invite 7 friends to use this app or Purchase a pro version to skip the invite.
  • You be on pro page after invite/purchase.
  • Write your desired status.

  • Copy the Blue Colored font by taping on text box.
  • Go to WhatsApp >> Status > > Click on Pencil icon.
  • Paste it !
  • Whoilaaa Its Done !!!

Now you can ask your friends to check your stylish blue colour whats app status.

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So, Wingers, this is how we are able to write or type a bold blue text/font. This will give your status update or profile a unique and appealing look. Stayed tune with us for more interesting trick for whats app, fb, etc.

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