Which Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar is better for Readers?

Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar: Nowadays of us visit online e papers like Times of India (TOI), or Hindustan Times (HT), of The Hindu Newspaper, else Dainik Bhaskar (DB). Some time we frustrating from those online newspapers, because of their website behavior on different devices. But here, I gather some interesting information about those most visited and popular Epapers in the article here TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar. Have a some experience, good or bad, what every kindly share with our reader.

Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar.

toi vs ht vs the hindu vs bhaskar,

Here, we see some technical as well as experience based facts of Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar. Let’s go over it,…

Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar Look and Feel.

Epaper TOI: Home page look clean and clear, with proper direction, that where to ahead website visitors. Select your option of newspaper version, then select city, in which edition you want to read.

Epaper HT: You are may be confused here because of login dialog box placed just besides the city editions. First time visitor may confused over it, and unnecessary subscribe it.

Epaper The Hindu: You feel, you are come to any corporate website at first site. You must need login id and password to proceed further.

Epaper Bhaskar: Home page of DainikBhaskar website look any good class blogger’s webpage. But simple in direction and easy to find your daily story on it.

Popularity of Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar.

We here see online popularity on the basis of Alexa rank of each epapers. This figures shows the volume of online traffic, each epaper gets, in India as well as around the world.

  • Epaper TOI : In India – 477, In Global – 5438.
  • Epaper HT : In India – 122, In Global – 1183.
  • Epaper The Hindu : In India – 85, In Global – 797.
  • Epaper Bhaskar : In India – 37, In Global – 456.

Website Loading Speed of Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar.

Website loading speed factor consider, just because of every devices like Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. Support very well with good user experience. GTMetrix used to derive this speed test facts.

  • Epaper TOI : 4.39s
  • Epaper HT : 2.95s
  • Epaper The Hindu : 1.56s
  • Epaper Bhaskar : 2.65s
Ads Experience on Epaper TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar.

All the newspapers are good. But here we do compare each other with Reasons- Less ads –> Less diversion. More news –> Good content.

  • Epaper TOI : Fever Ads compare to others.
  • Epaper HT : Ads are here but content of the page more visible to reader.
  • Epaper The Hindu : Very professional and genuine in ads placements.
  • Epaper Bhaskar : Visible news as compare to ads on epaper.
News Trustworthiness of TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar.

I just left this segment of comparisons for you only. Because I myself not decide on news trustworthiness of these popular newspapers. So taking few minutes and share your view bellow in comment.

Epaper TOI :

Epaper HT :

Epaper The Hindu :

Epaper Bhaskar :

So, Wingers – What do you think about facts and side by side comparisons of  TOI vs HT vs The Hindu vs Bhaskar? But these facts differ time to time, with respect to viewers’ demands. Have an any Threads on it, Share with us.

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