Modern Millionaires Review – How to build a Lead Flipping Agency

Lead generation takes hard work and willingness to learn and implement new things, but if you put the right information into your brain, a six-figure business is very much a possibility.

If you’ve been searching and reading about lead generation, you must have heard of the Modern Millionaires program. It was created by Chance and Abdul, 2 well known entrepreneurs in the digital marketing landscape. 

Modern Millionaires Review – How to build a Lead Flipping Agency

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Let’s find out if the idea of starting a lead generation agency is worth your time. 

Who are Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony?

With most courses out there promising to show you how to make money online, it can be really hard to tell what’s good and what isn’t. This is because most of the time it comes down to the person who is selling the product. Many times they might be just as inexperienced as you are and have no idea how to sell a good product.

Can the same be said about the founders of Modern Millionaires?

You can read a lot online, but facts matter. These 2 guys carry more than 40,000  students, an agency that invoices more than 30,000,000 in annual sales, and a huge community of entrepreneurs around the world who have found a way to transform their lives thanks to the Modern Millionaire program.

You’ve heard the saying ‘The rich get richer’ right? 

Well this is true. Not because the rich have special skills or abilities. But because they have specific mindsets and habits. Abdul and Chance have both, along with the best quality education that allow them (and their students) to achieve incredible success (you just have to check their FB community!)

Now, let’s take a look at what this course offers:

Modern Millionaires Course Content

Modern Millionaires Course is a lead generation course with 4 modules that teaches us everything you need to be successful generating leads for small local businesses.

Each module includes practical tips, effective tactics, and a behind-the-scenes look at how two entrepreneurs went from zero to heroes in a few short years.

The amount of content is overwhelming: not only will you have more hours of video than you can handle, but also, they provide you with many free resources.  The course offers an in-depth look at how to use lead generation, how to build drag-and-drop on websites in an afternoon, how to launch ad campaigns on Google adwords, Facebook and other platforms, etc.

This is how it looks like:

  • Module 1: The Foundation: + 20 hours of exclusive content 
  • Module 2A: Setting Up your Agency System: +120 types of niches full of opportunities
  • Module 2B: Prospecting & Sales: Cold email marketing training, tips on building an awesome portfolio and tactiques to define your Linkedin profile.
  • Module 3A: Driving Traffic (Google Ads): Everything, literally, on Google Ads. 
  • Module 3B: Driving Traffic (Facebook): Again, everything on FB
  • Module 3C: High Level Training: Not a tech-savvy person? You’ll enjoy this part.
  • Module 4: How to Create an AutoPilot System that works for you: Abdul and Chance will show you exactly how they made their money machine work on its own.

The most important part is probably the lead nurturing because it’s easy to get target customers on your website using PPC ads. However, it’s hard to convert a first-time visitor into a customer. Therefore, you need to focus on converting them into subscribers and then use drip marketing campaigns to convert them into customers or leads.

Is Lead Generation in demand? 

More than ever.

Lead generation has been a buzzword for over a decade now and with all the free resources, it is easier than ever to get your foot in the door.

Now, the backbone of all Modern Millionaires content is lead flipping.

Lead Flipping is basically getting ready-to-buy customers and selling them to small local businesses. This steady flow of leads will help them survive and grow while you earn a really nice amount of money. 

Why is this the best way to go with lead generation? Because all around the world, the trend is upward in terms of investment in digital marketing. In 2020, this trend was estimated at $170 million in Orlando, Florida, alone. 

Being a “lead generator” is a profitable, easily sustainable and highly scalable business, and numbers say what they say: there are more and more people jumping into this online business model every day. 

Sum Up: Is The Modern Millionaires a Legit Program?

The training doesn’t guarantee that all your financial problems will disappear in a matter of days, but lead generation is one of the most in-demand skills in the online business world right now. It is a “semi-passive” business, which means you can automate once you have got the hang of things.

If you’re looking for a successful business model to build a company and scale so it brings in six-figure revenue, consider learning more about lead flipping and the Modern Millionaires course.

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