Best Spiral staircase Examples For Igniting House Interior Design Trends

Have you think about your living room interior, with beautiful and modern spiral staircase? Next time, when you design a home with spiral staircase, here is a best collection of totally fresh and different kind of spiral stair design.

Spiral staircase has a different characteristics like: Glass spiral stair, wooden spiral stair, Steel or Cast iron spiral staircase design, Stone spiral stair, etc. But many contemporary and modern material also used in making of spiral or circular staircase.

Spiral staircase Examples

Now let’s go one by one, different kind of spiral staircase design, and how that will became a part of your house design.

Artistic spiral staircase design.

Spiral staircase,

Here you can see, how designer use circular cutout steel sheet, for wrap around spiral stair. That is also make out of using steel and composite material. This wrapping sheet create some kind of drama around stair.

This type of creative spiral, with artistic approach in their design, create a style statement of that space, also give a language of the interior of that area.

Vintage spiral staircase design in Cast Iron.

Spiral staircase,

Above selected example of vintage looking circular staircase design, using rough finished or cast iron in making of that circular stair.

This type of design detail give your space; a bit of refreshing effect. Also create a independent and out of box look with their contrast background.

Exposed Concrete Spiral Staircase Example.

Spiral staircase,

Architect or designer create a amazing sculpturistic, exposed concrete spiral staircase. Lit with above skylight and use perfect space without wasting an inch.

I really appreciating this spiral stair design for their position and look and feel. What do you think?

Freestanding Spiral Staircases Example.


Because, there is no central supporting member for this staircase’s steps, Right? You can feel a flow in the decoration of a circular stair. Back face of stair is plain and create wave in your space with their changing dynamic plans.

Also Red color steps with black handrail and white colored stair waist. Total contrast combination, create a style statement for living space.

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