How to Choose Between Hiring a Wedding DJ and Hiring a Band

Planning the music for your wedding often comes down to deciding between hiring a wedding DJ and hiring a band. There are a few key differences between these two services that are important to understand when planning your big day. There are several benefits to hiring professional wedding DJ services instead of a traditional band, but many would argue that nothing compares to having live music on your wedding day.

Music is an essential component of your wedding that can help set the tone and keep the party going. The right wedding DJ or band can help facilitate the event as master of ceremonies and will go a long way in providing additional entertainment for the crowd. Here are a few factors worth considering when choosing between a wedding DJ and a band.

Wedding DJ Vs Band

Wedding DJ vs Band,

A Band Takes Up More Space

For many couples, the size of the wedding venue is an essential factor when choosing between a band and a wedding DJ. A band may take up a considerable portion of your available space in a small venue, which can affect the layout of the entire reception. Make sure there’s still room on the dance floor before looking into paying for a wedding band. Before hiring a band for their wedding, ask them about their technical setup requirements and if they have experience playing at your venue.

A Wedding DJ Might Be Less Memorable Than a Band

Live music may create more lasting memories compared to a wedding DJ. You and your family are sure to remember all those great individual moments where the band tried out a new riff or changed the lyrics of the song to make them funny. Wedding bands are highly entertaining and, more often than not, a better performer than a wedding DJ. However, this might depend on the type of music you are looking to play. As mentioned above, many of us might argue that there’s nothing compared to the live music experience.

A Wedding DJ Offers Far More Variety

Professional wedding DJs always have a mix of music on hand to keep the crowd dancing and can respond to each moment during the reception in a unique way. Having a greater variety of music usually keeps the party going for much longer, so everyone will be dancing well into the night. It can also be helpful to consulate with a wedding DJ to pick out a few songs you might have forgotten that suit your tastes.

If you choose a band for your wedding instead of a DJ, you’ll be limited by what the band can play. Wedding DJs make it easier to pick the songs you’d like to hear beforehand and are always better at handling song requests. Not sure which songs to choose for your wedding? Check out this list of the best wedding songs that will get your guests to the dance floor.

A Band Provides A More Traditional Style

If the big, traditional wedding is something you’ve always dreamed of, then a wedding band is an absolute must. Many couples picture a live band rather than a wedding DJ when imagining their first dance. A live band will be much more interactive for these big moments and can change the tempo as needed throughout your reception. A wedding band can go a long way in making your wedding more traditionally romantic.

Wedding DJs Need Fewer Breaks

A wedding DJ is usually a one or two-person crew that can keep the music rolling throughout the night, with minimal interruptions. A wedding band will need significantly more breaks, which can interfere with the reception’s atmosphere. In addition, a wedding DJ will be much more comfortable operating into the late evening, which will keep the celebration going for longer.

Live Bands Are Better for Guests Who Don’t Dance

Not all your guests will enjoy dancing, no matter whether you get a wedding DJ or a live band. However, a live band is much more enjoyable to watch for your wedding guests who avoid dancing. Many live bands will go above and beyond to make their performances a source of entertainment for you and your guests.

Wedding DJs Offer More Booking Flexibility

Booking a wedding DJ for your big day is often significantly easier than booking a wedding band. If you choose to hire a band, you’ll usually need to book many months in advance. For many couples, the band’s availability can influence when they schedule their wedding in the first place. If you are considering hiring a band for your wedding, make sure it’s one of the first vendors you contact.

You can hire a wedding DJ on much shorter notice than a wedding band, which can your music planning process much less stressful. If the time or date of your wedding changes, a wedding DJ services company is much more likely to fit around your new schedule.

This flexibility has been particularly important for many couples in the last year and a half as COVID restrictions and mask mandates force postponement. It’s often easier to get in touch with a wedding DJ rather than a band in the event that this occurs.


Cost is one of the critical differences between wedding DJs and live bands. A wedding DJs are almost always the more affordable option when it comes to planning the music at your wedding. The cost of a wedding band often fluctuates depending on the quality of the band, which means you’ll get what you pay for when booking. The deposit amount due before the event is also an important difference in cost. If the wedding is postponed or delayed, you may not be able to get a refund for the deposit. Ask your wedding DJ or band about their deposit policy in advance of booking to make sure there are no hidden fees. Also, Check out 5 Ways to Make Your 1st Anniversary Absolutely Breathtaking.

Live Music & DJ Services for Your Wedding

Many companies that offer wedding DJ services can also provide assistance with booking a live band. You don’t necessarily have to choose between live music and a DJ- it’s possible to have both! A DJ works great for the reception and is sure to keep the party going, while a live musician or band can make the big moments even more memorable.

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