What to Do When It Rains on Moving Day

Moving is one of the most stressful activities. But with good planning and organization, you can make the process smooth and stress-free. However, when you have done everything right, the weather can disappoint. 

Rain on a moving day is the last thing you need. You do not want your items soaked, slippery walkways, and mud to deal with when moving. It can be so frustrating to deal with rain when moving your house or office items. 

What to Do When It Rains on Moving Day

But when you engage commercial movers who have experience and skills, they can make your move more relaxed. Since they have experienced many moving days of rain and shine, you can be sure they can easily move all your belongings. 

Below are a few tips on what to do when it rains on a moving day

Get the cleaning supplies and towels ready

Once you notice it is raining, get the cleaning supplies and towels ready. Ensure these items are not packed in the truck together with other items. Although the office movers will come with floor protection, you will need to mop the floor once the moving is over. Hence, keep the bucket and the mop ready. 

Towels are important items as well. They will help you dry off some items, wipe others, and mop the floor. Therefore, have a few towels ready when arriving in the new house. 

Cover your walking path

If you can, try as much as you can to cover the outside walking path. You can use covered porches or make-shift tarp roofs. This will ensure your items do not get wet. But when you hire a professional mover, they will help you come up with strategies on how to protect your belongings when moving them. 

Wrap your furniture and boxes from rain

Also, you need to protect your furniture and boxes from the rain. Hence, think of how you can move them from the house to the truck without getting wet. Tarps are some of the best materials you can use. However, you can be creative and use the items you already have. 

For instance, large trash bags can help a lot. You can use them to wrap boxes and your furniture. Even towels and blankets can help to protect your items. So, be creative to ensure you protect the boxes and your furniture from the rain. 

Use plastic crates to move items to and from the truck

You can also consider using plastic crates to move your stuff to and from the truck. Get some from the nearby store. Plastic crates are effective in transporting small items than boxes. Happily, they can be used again and again. 

Besides, you can use the plastic crate to put things inside and once you empty it in the truck, use it as a rain shield. Even though the method might take a little longer, you will manage to keep your items dry. 

Dry items off in the truck

When your items make it to the truck, use a towel to dry them off. You can have someone ready with a towel to dry everything wet getting into the truck. Dry the wet items can make a big difference for lightly damp items. 

It can help to reduce moisture inside the moving truck when you move. 

Therefore, keep the towels, boxes, and plastic crates ready before the moving company arrives. 

Have floor mats to protect the floors

If it is raining on a moving day, you need to protect your floors. Some of the best resources you can use are floor mats. If there is mud, make sure you have heavy-duty floor mats at all entrances being used. Then encourage everyone to wipe their feet when entering the house. 

Consider the Bucket-Brigade Fashion

One excellent way to ensure your house floor is clean and well protected is to consider the bucket-brigade fashion. Here, you will have one group indoors and another group outdoors. 

The people indoors with clean shoes will be picking boxes and other items at the entrance to take them inside. The other team with muddy shoes will take items from the truck to the entrance. This is an excellent strategy to ensure your floor is well protected. 

Have towels and mop-bucket ready

Once you have moved everything inside, you need to mop the floor. Therefore, have towels and mop-bucket ready to clean the messes inside the new home. Also, have an isolated place to hang the well and the mops to ensure they are well-dried. 


It can be very frustrating if it rains on moving day. But when you follow the above tips, you can manage to keep your items dry and safe. However, if it seems overwhelming, you need to engage professional movers. 

Hiring professionals such as NYC movers will take away the stress that comes with the rain on moving day. Since they are experienced movers, they have the skills and the right equipment to move you even when it rains. 

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