India’s Invisible Innovation and Education System

India has become a global hub for software development and off storing or back of his services as we call it. There has been a flight of white collar jobs from the develop world to India.

We all know that Everything can be invented has been invented.Its innovation that will keep the west ahead of developing world with the more suffocated innovative task being done in the develop world.

Some facts and truth about Indian education system and India’s Invisible innovation

Now what we were trying to understand was?

Could India become a source or a global hub of innovation just like is become a global hub for back off his service and software development. As people would say in fact more aggressive people who are supporting the western innovative model.

Where are the Indian Google’s, IPad and Tabs? If the Indians are bloody smart, People used to say-

“Indians don’t do Innovation”

The more polite one said, “Indian makes good programmers, software and accountant. They can’t do creative stuffs.” The people often used to say the Indian Academic education system is killing the creativity.

If you want to see the real creativity then go to Google, Microsoft, Silicon Valley, Intel & see the Indian Innovation. Labs in Silicon Valley or any other research lab in MNC, the all heads are Indians.

They all are came out from Indian Education System. I think we have the wrong question. Can Indians based out India do innovative work?

If we see in these India’s big cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon , Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad then we will see what is corporate level in these cities. I think we were really asking the wrong question. When you ask where are the Indian Google, IPad then you are taking are particular perspective on innovation that is called visible Innovation.

“Innovation is a novelty in how value is created and distributed.”

It could be new production services but it go also be new way of producing products. It could also be novel base organizing firm and industries.

When we see all these things then we found India is well represented in Innovation but the innovation that is being done in India is form of we didn’t anticipate and we called it Invisible Innovation. There are 4 types of Invisible Innovation in India.

1-Product Innovation

This is lead by the multinational corporation which have last 2 decades. There had been 750 R&D center set up in India by MNC’s and employing more than 4000 professionals. If you go in the R&D center and ask these professionals what they working for?

Then they said they working for global products not local.

Companies like Microsoft, Google and Phillips have already answered in the affirmative the question. Bangalore, Hyderabad R&D center they are able to produce production and services for the world. But we see usually only the name of the company and not where it was developed. But some people usually said-

“There are also a lot of R&D center in USA.”

So what I have found from study. The comparison between USA and India’s R&D center  The all things are same in both R&D center related to research.

2-Outsourcing Innovation-

Today many companies are contracting with Indian companies to be a major part of the product development work for their Global products which are going to be sold to the entire world.

Example- HCL Technologies. TCS

They developed two of the mission.

Critical system for the new bowing 787, dream liner.

One to avoid collision in the sky another to allow landing in zero visibility. But when you climb on the bowing 787 then you are not going to know that this invisible innovation.

3-Process Innovation-

Because of an injection of intelligence by Indian firms. Only process innovation is different from product innovation. It’s all about how do you create and develop a new product or manufacture a new product.

Only in India the millions of young people dreams call center  You can think about it when a lot of intelligent people will work in a call center then they will tell to their Boss, how we can do it in a better way & How to do this job better. Out of this process innovation comes product innovation which is then marketed around the world.

Example- 247 customers traditional call center  Company used to be traditional call Center Company. Today they are developing analytic tools to do predictive modelling. So that before you pick up the phone you can guess or predict what this phone is about?

It is just because of an injection of intelligent in to a process, which is consider dead for a long time in the west.

4- Management Innovation-

It is not any product or process innovation but a new way to organize work and the most significant management innovation to come out of India invented by the Indian off storing industries what we called “Global Delivery Model.”

What the global delivery allows it simply allows you take previously, geographically, co-located task, break them into parts.

India has the youngest growing population in the world. Indian Institute and education system without few exceptions are incapable of producing students in the quality and quantity needed to keep this innovation going.

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