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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels are excellent tools for sustaining and promoting the use of renewable energy. With the help of solar panels, the sun’s rays and heat are trapped and converted to generate photovoltaic power.

The more solar energy or solar cells are collected, the higher the amount of energy and power that can be used. Installing solar-powered apparatuses can take a long time. In the same manner, solar panel cleaning can be quite tricky.

When not done carefully, there is a possibility that the panels get damaged and become less efficient in collecting energy from the sun. While the prices of solar panels are now made more affordable, the smarter decision is still to preserve the quality of the existing ones that you already have on-hand.

Cleaning Solar Panels

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Some of the six mistakes commonly committed while cleaning solar panels include:

  1. Using hard, abrasive brushes

If you notice, the glass surface of solar panels is smooth. Some assume that using any cleaning materials will do when ridding solar panels off of collected dirt and grime. This is not true. Abrasive cleaning products and brushes leave scratches on the panels. Scratches create shadows once the sunlight’s rays hit the solar panels. Therefore, it may not deliver the desired performance.

Use brushes with soft bristles and gentler cleaning agents instead.

  1. Cleaning the panels frequently.

You do not have to clean solar panels every day. Remove dirt, grime, and oil on your panels only as necessary. As mentioned in item number one, abrasive materials leave scratches on your sun-powered apparatus. Cleaning panels excessively will also generate the same result—damaged and faulty panels.

  1. Eliminating oil with soap

Solar-energised houses situated near highways or airports are prone to oil and fuel splatters from vehicles and planes. Don’t use soap if you want to get rid of the oil stains on your panels. Wipe the oil stains with a soft cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol as an alternative.

  1. Spraying the panels with high-pressure water

Although using high-pressure spray significantly reduces the time it takes to clean all your solar panels, it does more harm than you think. Excessive pressure on the surface of your panel causes long-term damage because the force can potentially scratch or break it.

  1. Cleaning the panels even while the sun is out

Some homeowners tend to forget just how hot solar panels get while exposed to the sun. After all, solar panels need the sun for it to work! Be vigilant of the time of day when you decide to clean your panels. It is best to clean solar panels when the weather is cold or when more clouds help conceal the sun’s rays.

  1. Not seeking the help of professionals

There is nothing wrong if you want to do solar panel cleaning yourself. But there is equally no harm in employing the assistance of experienced and reliable professionals.  It lets you save more time and effort. Residential areas that use solar panels significantly save more on their daily energy and electricity consumption. Solar-powered electricity is also ideal for vacation homes, cottages, or properties established in remote areas like forests, lakes, or unpopulated beachfront. Best of all, taking advantage of the sun’s immense energy helps lessen the number of harmful radiation and excess energy residue in the environment.

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