How much Personal Data do you Share with your Partner?

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How Much Personal Data Do You Share With Your Partner?

Being in a relationship necessarily means that you’re going to share some of your digital life with your partner. How much is too much? Do you prefer no boundaries at all, or do you keep your partner at arm’s length?

Live with someone long enough and you can expect to share some types of data we normally consider very “personal.”

Using shared bank accounts, memorizing each other’s social security numbers, or, if you’re really close, merging your Netflix accounts.

Boyfriend-Girlfriend, Personal Data,

This is pretty run of the mill.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Vchat, mCouple. Some of this app allows partners to access each other’s SMS history, Facebook messages, calls and contacts, and even GPS location. No filter, no restrictions. Just unbridled sharing.

Where on the spectrum do you land? Do you prefer to keep your lives separate and share information on a case-by-cases basis? Or do you let your love interest into every nook and cranny of your digital life?

Which is scarier to share with a spouse, your social security number or your Facebook password?

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