Where to exchange old jio phone with new Jiophone?

Exchange JioPhone Offer: Today, in the AGM of reliance company, Mukesh Ambani declare that his company Jio launch new Jiophone with word’s most popular apps adding in it. These are the most known and popular app like Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. You need to just pay Rs. 500/- and your old jio phone at nearest jio outlet.

Exchange old jio phone with new Jiophone

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Monsoon Hungama

This jiophone exchange offer start from 21st of July. You will exchange jio feature phone with brand new jio phone just paying 501 rs. only.

new jio phone is look like a blackberry type model with keypad for typing and also, voice command operating facility.This new jio phone is available under the ‘Monsoon Dhamaka’ name. Further details are still not available at this point of time, but when it come in our hand will share here! You can also visit Jio web portal for further details.

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