Secrets to make the blog post structure perfect and interesting!

Best blog post structure: Secrets to make the Perfectly structured and Interesting Blog Posts,. Want your visitors to stick to your article till the end? Hell yeah! Everyone wants their visitors to read the complete article on which blog owner has worked hard. To make this happen, you as a Blog owner, have to work harder. Visitors won’t waste their valuable time for the article that has no meaning. To make you stick to this article till the end, I’ve created the best possible Title and have used the best photo I’ve got for this article.

It’s true that you will not waste your time reading this article because I’ve also worked hard to make the complete structure of this piece of content valuable.

Perfect blog post structure!!!

Here are the things we will learn in the same article.

  • Selecting the Perfect Title and Image for the Article.
  • The Wireframe of the Interesting Article.
  • Making the Best Introduction part for the Article.
  • Using Heading (H1, H2…) tags at the right place.
  • Writing the best footer of the article.

So, In this detailed article about making the complete structured article, We will learn each point given above in Detail with every possible technique that can make our work easier.

So, Now let us get started to know more about each and every topic listed above in detail.

1. Selecting the Perfect title for the Article

When someone sees your article on social media as a link, he/she will judge your article by checking the title and the image you’ve used to represent the article.

For example, you’ll not click on something like this which is shared on social media.

Instead, If you’ll share the perfectly structured link like given below, you’ll get more traffic from social media shares…

As you know, we have three things to take care about while making the article look perfect on social media. To show you how exactly you can select the perfect image that you can use without royalty or attribution, writing the perfect title and writing the separate description for search engine and social media as per audience in the next article, You can subscribe if you want to get notified about it.

Currently, Let me tell you in brief that how you can write the perfect title for your article in brief.

Selecting perfect title for blog post

  1. Using Numbers in the title -> Using numbers in the title of the article will attract much social media traffic when you share your article on social media. Here you can see which type of articles get most social shares to confirm.
  2. Using best possible adjectives -> They play the best role in making your article look interesting on social media or E-mail Newsletters. It will increase the CTR of your article. Here are some Adjectives you can use to make your article look interesting.
    1. Tricks
    2. Secrets
    3. Essential
    4. Fun

I’ll discuss in detail about this in next article, Now, Let us see how to Make Wireframe for your article assuming you’ve got the topic to write.

If you’re not getting, or you don’t want to waste your time in making Interesting titles for the blog posts, you can use the HubSpot’s Blog post generator tool.

I use it whenever I run out of my ideas about writing the article and when I don’t get any idea to make my blog post title interesting. Here’s the screenshot of the Ideas generated by the Hubspot’s Ideas Generator for the input content marketing.

It’s the ultimate one, and It will surely give you some worthy ideas to write an article. Moreover, it’s completely free.

2. The Wireframe of the Interesting article

You’ll be in the need of the rough structure abut how your article will look.

Look here means how much content it will have, How many sub-headings it will have, What exactly will be the sub-headings, What will be the points to be written and each and everything that will be written in the article by you except content.

Here I’ve made the simple image to make this task easier to understand…

It’s the simplest structure of the interesting article. You have to make similar structure ignoring the content before getting started to write an article.

Write all the sub-headings, headings inside subheadings (H3) if there are any.

It will help you to write freely as you now don’t have to think about the next sub-heading while writing the current one. It will keep you on track.

Once done, you are ready to start writing the content.

You can follow similar technique to write every article. It will help you to make your article as much perfect as possible.

3. Making the Best Introduction part for the Article

In introduction too, you have to start with something that can make your user stick in the Introduction part of the article.

You can start off by asking something funny or by revealing something personal or by asking a simple question just like I did above.

I start every article by a question that is important for readers. In this case, I’ve asked this question.

Want your visitors to stick to your article till the end? Hell yeah!

You can do something related in every article. Let me tell you why it is important to write the first sentence of the article Exceptionally Interesting.

You’ll be shocked to know that user only takes a second to decide whether they want to read more or not.

It’s very less to make a lasting impact on user’s mind. You’ve to take their interest as fast as possible, and that’s the reason why your first line of the article should be Exceptionally attractive.

After making a Lasting impact on the user by writing the best first sentence of the article, you can use the below-given techniques to make them stick to the article.

  1. Share some Interesting Stats and Facts -> In my case, I try to share something interesting in the introduction part. I also try to find some image with stats to make it look interesting. Who don’t like facts? Everyone in this world likes to know interesting facts; you can put down facts into the introduction part. It will generate Curiosity in the user’s mind about the rest of the article.
  2. Keep the length of the Introduction between 100-400 words -> its Introduction! Bitch! Not the whole article, you can either write the 100-word introduction for 1000 word article and if your content is long, You can go with the longer introduction. But it should not exceed 400 words according to me. It will make the user feel boring at the end of the introduction part.

I’ll discuss more it in the next article; There will be some cool techniques that you’ll never read in your life, nor you’ve read till now.

4. Using Heading Tags in the Right Way!

You tell yourself SEO? You know how to use heading tags in the right manner? Just kidding, don’t take it hard.

In the Official Booklet of Google for Understanding Search engine, it is recommended that You have to use Heading tags in the right manner to make your article structure easy to understand for Google. I’ll explain to you how to use them in the right way…

I’ve seen many bloggers using Any Heading tag from H1-H6 anywhere in the article and complaining about their Performance in the search engine.

We all know that There are six types of heading tags H1-H6, and we all use them to indicate headings in the article.

You never have to use the H1 tag in the content body Practically, Because already your title will be shown in H1 tag.

For Sub-headings, you have to use the H2 tag, and if you want to add more sub-headings under the Sub-headings, you can use the H3 tags.

Long story short, you have to follow the hierarchy. There should be H2 headings under H1, H3 under H2H4 under H3 and so on.

Finally, This is how you can use the heading tags to make your article structured and easy to understand for Users and also easy to understand for Google.

Even Matt Cutts, Suggested this in one of his videos and also Google’s Official Search engine optimization guide Suggest this method to use Heading tags to get benefited in the Search engines.

5. Write Catchy Footer

Footer matters too!

First of all, If you are not writing introduction part and also the footer, you are doing wrong because you might face big problems related to SEO. If you are not facing the problem by not using intro and footer, you can double the sales and traffic from the search engine!

Here’s how you can make perfect footer for your article.

  1. Make it Short and Sweet -> Short Here means nearly 200 words. You can tell how the techniques you mentioned in the article worked for you o share your experience by which you’ve made the article. In short, it should be just like the summary of the article.
  2. Ask for Shares/comments -> Half of the readers will leave the article before reaching the end, for the half who are still reading the article, you can ask for shares, and you can also ask them whether they have any question related to the topic you’ve explained in your article or not.
  3. Use Subscribe form After Footer -> It’s not like the normal sign up forms, you can tell them that if they liked the article, they can be the subscriber so that they can get update as soon as possible through mail about your blog.

So, this is how you can make your footer better than worse. I’ve good Experience testing different types of Blog post structures, These techniques worked best for me.

Conclusion: You’ll be happy to know that the techniques I’ve posted here are from my Experience in this world and that’s why you’ll not waste your time using them for your benefit because if they are used in the right way, it will give you benefits for sure.

I’m going to write one more In-depth article in making your article look Sexy on social media so that you can get Maximum CTR from social media shares. Subscribe to this blog so that you can get latest update about that article.

You can surely ask me question or suggest something in the comment section given below, Each and every Comment will be Appreciated and Answered! Enjoy blogging!