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Bonsai Tree Plants in Air – Magnetic Levitation Kit Bonsai Pots

You are surprised with this latest Bonsai Tree, levitate their self from the Bonsai Posts. This air floated bonsai plants are really amaze in the interior decoration of your house. Many of us feel green element of nature with us in house give peas of mind. This Floating Bonsai tree technology work with Magnetic field create in side of that bonsai pot. a Japanese company based out of Kyushu is behind the development of Air Bonsai Technology. And this Bonsai Plants take your home decor next level.

Bonsai Tree Plants in the Air

bonsai tree,

The Bonsai tree fauna in question span quite a range, from flowering plants to pine trees to mosses.

The magnetic levitation technology supports up to 250 grams, of whatever species you prefer. But have a some limitation on the width of the Bonsai tree.

This kit powered via a simple AC adapter.

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Of course, you can further decorate your little floating worlds however you like. With ceramic figures, lava rocks or other scene-setting touches.

The system comes as a DIY kit priced starting at around $200. Depending on whether you wish to get both the mechanical system. And a starter plant or just the technology portion.

There are also both modern and traditional-looking. Beautiful hand-crafted bases for bonsai plants. Which is depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Taking bonsai tree decoration approaches to the next level. A Japanese company based out of Kyushu has raised, over half a million dollars. So far for its levitating (and rotating) bonsai tree system.

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