Everything You Need To Know About LED Shop Lights

LED shop lights are a modern way of lighting your store. They’re brighter, more energy-efficient, and last longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs. The installation process for LED lights is also easier than it was for the old incandescent bulbs that were used before them. 8ft. led shop lights are the most graceful lights that can add value to an area. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about LED shop lights: what they are, how they work, and why they’re better!

 LED Shop Lights
Everything You Need To Know About LED Shop Lights

Everything You Need To Know About LED Shop Lights

What Is an LED Shop light?

An LED shop light is the perfect solution for a wide range of commercial lighting uses. The lights are suited for retail, grocery stores, warehouses, and other similar spaces because they offer high-intensity illumination without generating heat or excess electrical usage. Shop lights can be used to illuminate shelves, displays, and merchandise in order to make items more visible while highlighting their best features. You can buy these lights from Dhgate at an affordable price.

Advantages of Shop Lights

  • LEDs are the best type of lighting to use in a shop. They produce less heat than traditional bulbs, and they last much longer on average.
  • LEDs are also capable of producing the same amount or more light for less energy than traditional bulbs.
  • LEDs are cheaper to use. They typically only need a fraction of the wattage used by traditional bulbs, and they can run for up to 50,000 hours before needing replacement.
  • LEDs do not contain mercury, as traditional bulbs do. Mercury is a dangerous chemical that can lead to environmental contamination and health problems for those humans or animals that come into contact with it.
  • LED lights are also safer because they produce less of a fire hazard than traditional light bulbs when in the event of breakage.

What Are Some Features To Look For In An LED Shop Light?

  1. Lumens

The more you have, the brighter it’ll be. You should aim for 800 lumens or more to get enough light in your space.

  1. Color Temperature

This is measured in degrees Kelvin. The lower the color temp, the warmer it’ll be and vice versa.

  1. Dimmable Brightness

Some LED lights are able to dim down their light output so that you can match your store lighting with the time of day or some other factor.

  1. Bulb life

With LED lights, you can expect to get anywhere from 25-50% more light hours than traditional bulbs. That means that if a bulb has an average lifespan of 1000 hours, it would last 1500-2000 hours with LEDs.

  1. Bulb Replacement

LEDs are modular, so you can replace a single bulb should one go out. That means that if an LED light has two bulbs and the first burns out, it’ll still be half-lit with only one working bulb.

How You Should Install LED Shop Lights?

Decide the Installation Location

There are three ways to install LED shop lights: you can place them on the ceiling, attach them onto the walls or ceilings of your store. The decision should be based on what kind of lighting effect you want for your business’s space.

Mounting the Shop Light Fixture

The light fixture should be mounted to the wall or ceiling beam above your head. The installation kit for mounting fixtures includes a long arm that attaches to the back of your new LED Shop Light and then mounts in place using screws and anchors provided with it.

The Bottom Line LEDs are the future of lighting. They last longer, use less energy and their light is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs. LEDs can be used for any type of application that requires a high-quality source of light (homes, offices, warehouses, etc.).

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