10 tips Pro players use to get better in Call of Duty

You’ve been playing Call of Duty for years now, but you’re still stuck at the same level. You want to improve your game and be the best player in 2021. 

 You think you have what it takes but are not sure how to get there. How can you become great at the game? What are the strategies that lead to success? This is an article created for you!

10 tips Pro players use to get better in Call of Duty

Here’s how to go from a half-decent player to a pro. In this guide, I’ll show you the path that I took – and that’s gotten me into teams like compLexity, SoaR Gaming, and Team 3G. 

Play with players better than you.

This is an important strategy for all gamers! If you don’t play with people better than yourself, there’s no way to grow as a player. 

Use pro players as motivation. Competition is something that all human beings have in them, but not everyone chooses to act on this.

Look at what pro players are doing. Learn from them. If you want to get better than them, you need to play with them while watching how they play. 

When I was new to competitive Call of Duty, I first joined games on Gamebattles with all pros on my team! They helped me learn so much more than just playing against casual opponents.

Be positive! 

This is an important one for success in life and gaming. People won’t want to play with you if you’re not having fun when playing CoD with friends or always complaining. 

When playing with others who are better at the game than yourself, try to keep a positive attitude no matter what happens in the lobby or during the match. A positive attitude helps improve.

Don’t rage too much. It’s easy to get mad when someone kills you or outplays you, but it won’t do anything good for your game so try not to let it bother you too much. 

The same applies to your teammates. If they suck, don’t rage at them. Just let it go. Focus on your own game instead!

Rage is one of the main reasons people stop improving. They get mad, rage quit, and try to blame their teammates for being bad. 

Study your mistakes

Study your mistakes in games, so you know what your mistakes are. This is very important if you want to improve the game because most people never look at their mistakes – letting them repeatedly repeat without ever improving. 

If you don’t review your matches, then there’s no way for you to find out what went wrong in a match – which will eventually lead to the same mistakes being repeated over and over. 

Learn from your mistakes and other peoples’! When you play a match, take notes on what went wrong. Instead of just thinking about it or saying, “I should’ve killed him there!” write it down to review at the end of the game. 

Find your correct sensitivity. 

If you play on very high or low sensitivity, learning how to aim correctly can be difficult. I recommend finding the middle ground that works for you – then stick with it! This way, you won’t have any problems aiming in the middle of gunfights. 

If you are too low/high, try lowering/raising your sensitivity until it feels good. 

There’s no “perfect” sensitivity, but one that works well for most is between 5 and 7 (this is my preference). 

Aim for the head! 

There’s no reason to go for body shots when you can aim at their heads and get a one-hit kill! Hitting headshots is the best way to increase your KD. You don’t want to miss easy kills, do you? 

Like I said above, going for body shots all of the time will decrease your KDR and make it harder to have a good game. Aiming for heads is how you’ll improve that stat – so practice aiming at their heads as often as possible! Here are some tips on aiming at the head:

  • Don’t use a sniper when aiming for the head! It’s not very accurate, and it’ll probably miss. Instead, use weapons like an AR or SMG that are great at close-range combat.
  • Aim down your sights to increase accuracy! Swaying a bit while trying to aim for the head will lower your chance of getting a kill because it isn’t very accurate – keep that in mind while going for one-hit kills!
  • Practice shooting moving targets. This is something you should try practicing outside of Call of Duty games – get used to aiming at moving targets so it’ll be second nature during gunfights! 

Pro players use a number of tricks to perfect their long and short distance aim but the most effective are the undetectable call of duty aimbots. These can improve your aim drastically if you keep practicing.

Practice regularly. 

If you want to be a better COD player, put in hard work and dedication into it. Play the game for at least a few hours per day! Playing this game often is how you get better quickly.

You might ask yourself what these five hours are for – should I group up with my friends.

Don’t waste time by rushing through maps. Try sticking with your team instead of running off into the distance if you’re going for kills. It’s always better to stay near the group. That way, everybody can get at least one or two kills per life/round. Teamwork is important!

Do not just sit around and watch your friends play – keep moving! Make sure that you are doing something productive like looking for other players or checking out enemy locations (so they don’t surprise you later on). 

When playing TDM, there are twenty people on each team; 10 people. That means five squads usually stay near their spawn, looking for enemies.  

The other five squads can move around the map to take out enemies. Don’t be one of those five people who sit in their spawn, and you should join your other teams and help them! If you don’t know where to go, stick with one person on your team! 

If someone on your team isn’t doing anything, leave them. They’re just going to be a dead weight to you and the team. You can always ask them about joining another group or switching teams – but sometimes, all they need is a little push!

Play the objective

Don’t try to outgun your opponent in TDM or Kill Confirmed. Your chances of winning when playing the objective are higher. Just go for the objective no matter how many kills you might get. 

If you are close to the objective, why not go for it? Don’t let your KD get in the way of winning.

Don’t just sit around waiting to get a good score – that means more points for your opponents. Try getting more points by collecting dog tags, planting/defusing bombs, and guarding objectives! 

Don’t focus on kills – instead, focus on what’s more important: Winning.

Don’t spam grenades

Only use them when necessary. Throwing too many could cause problems for yourself and your team later in the game, like catching people off guard and losing ammo.

If you want to do the most damage possible, learn how to cook grenades! You can practice cooking grenades outside of matches by throwing one at your feet and timing the length before it explodes. Throwing a cooked grenade will also save ammo if you’re in a tight situation!

Be patient with your gunfights. 

If you take too many risks during gunfights, you’re going to get tilted by dying quickly multiple times in a row. Try taking long-range duels with your opponent, and you’ll be more likely to win them.  

If you’re new to the game, it’s probably better to stick with smaller maps first. These types of maps give you more opportunities to practice your aim and get used to different guns. You want to avoid playing on big maps with tons of buildings because you won’t be able to figure out where everyone is hiding!

Don’t try head glitching every time there’s a red dot on your radar – listen for footsteps carefully if someone is near. Head glitching will make it easier for people camping in buildings/corners, so forget about making this strategy work until you know what you’re doing!

Have fun! 

After all, this is a game, but try not to get too into it so that you stop having fun while playing the game with your friends!  

If you’re getting into it too much, you might just get tilted every time you die. Try to stay calm in your next match of CoD.

At the end of every game, you see your stats. You probably use this to judge how well you played – but look at them more carefully! There are three tabs – Summary, Multi kill, and Killstreak (in Ranked playlists). 

If you want to become a pro player, then try focusing on these three areas.

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