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All Eyes on Creative Designs FORMED’s Concrete Basins and Sinks

Concrete Basin and Sink Design: Beautifully hand-crafted concrete basins and sinks. FORMED’s collection of basins have been designed to show concrete’s unique aesthetic material qualities of patina and texture to their fullest. When you want, a sink can be the entire focal point of a room.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to FORMED’s concrete basins and sinks that are produced using 80% recycled materials.

FORMED concrete basins and sinks design

With the option of customising size, colour and style we have a basin to suit every space. Using carefully selected recycled sands, pigments and admixtures we have refined our concrete blends to create a vast range of colours and textures.

Designed to show the many facets of concrete as a material, FORMED offers 40 colour options to be combined with their recycled sands and admixtures when you choose to customize the size and style of yours.

With every basin made-to-order, you can tailor the design to meet your very own requirements. You can also make a selection from their beautiful existing collection, or we’re partial to the new Arc collection that’s been inspired by the curving arcs of classical architecture.

No matter what, you’re sure to find a model that’s going to compliment every space, large or small, domestic or commercial.


The Akin range is a classic mono block concrete sink with vanity space either side of the bowl. Suitable for wall or surface mounting.

concrete basins, concrete sink,


The Dami range offers is suitable for both wall and surface mounted taps. The recessed shelf can be fitted with a surface mounted tap or remain a shelf to display accessories.

concrete basins, concrete sink,

On the opposite side there is a removable shelf to allow access to the waste fitting and also create a larger bowl.

Arch Double

concrete basins, concrete sink,


The Arch range is part of the Arc series of basins.

concrete basins, concrete sink,

An arched bowl within a mono block form provides generous vanity space at the back and sides of the basin. Suitable for wall or surface mounting. 


The design of this basin took inspiration from a walk through a series of arches in an Italian pedestrian arcade. 

concrete basins, concrete sink,

The basin illustrates these arches, by wrapping them around the external surfaces. Each arch is slightly angled to create a shadow on the arch below. The finished basin becomes more than just functional. It becomes a piece of art.


concrete basins, concrete sink,

The KORO basin has a geometric design of narrow sweeping ribs wrapped around the surface that create shadows and highlights, which makes for a very smooth tactile surface. This basin will add drama to any bathroom and will take centre stage.


concrete basins, concrete sink,

A modern interpretation of a utility basin. The graceful smooth curves transform this basin from utilitarian to a sophisticated classic.


concrete basins, concrete sink,

Concrete Basin & Sink products are respectful of the planet’s resources, with each basin made with 80% recycled materials. With over 16 years’ experience manufacturing and designing bespoke concrete products for the commercial and domestic market, FORMED are the brand of choice for many architects and designers.

Made in England. Shipping worldwide. To learn more about FORMED’s concrete sinks and basins, visit formedconcretebasins.com.

All basins are made to order allowing you to tailor your basin design to your own specific requirements. Available in a range of 40 colours, our new range of basins offers a model to compliment every space, large or small, domestic or commercial.

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