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Funny Pick Up Lines To Know Time To Cross Middle Age

Funny Pick Up Lines to Know Time To Cross Middle Age or you are still running with adrenaline inside your nerves. Leave those worry about that and Let’s check some interesting and funny Pick up lines.

Funny Pick Up Lines To Know Time To Cross Middle Age

funny pick up lines,

Mr. Green: You know you have crossed middle age….

1. When you do not set the AC temperature at16 degree centigrade any more.

2. Driving over 80 KMPH seems like a colossal wastage of energy and concentration.

3. Super loud music in car is a strict NO NO.

4. You feel happy following the rules.

5. Politics suddenly becomes interesting.

6. Discussing EMIs terms and conditions are more interesting than discussing IPL.

7. When most of the whatsapp group’s you are a part of are on mute mode.

8. You do not download ringtones but choose a simple one from the settings.

9. You do not even remember your Caller tune.

10. When choice of mobile wallpaper becomes immaterial.

11. When Mango shake remind you of diabetes.

12. When you Shut up and eat Lauki and think about it’s health benefits.

13. When you start going to office before your juniors.

14. When logging on to laptop after office seems a huge burden.

15. Long phone calls seems like a massive wastage of time.

16. Skinny or baggy jeans cease to be a part of your wardrobe.

17. Funky haircut disgust you.

18. When you start picking movies based on their directors, not actors.

19. When you start buying music rather than downloading them illegally.

20. When you start looking more like your Adhar card photo and less like your Instagram photo , and you stop caring.

So, Wingers – this is all about funny pick up lines about our age and check list kind of things, that have you lose your interest in life as a young of not.

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