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Honesty is Best Policy Quotes of Life from Those Who Digest it!

Honesty is Best Policy Quotes of Life from Those Who Digest it….!!! is about life lesson for the betterment and quality of every human being. here i put some world level some known and unknown Honesty is Best Policy Quotes of Life from the famous personalities say for humankind.

Actually this practice already in the learning from when humankind and education systems develop. But every time those who understand its important and how honesty is useful and influenced their life. Those personalities tell us about Honesty is best policy quotes share with us.

So let’s see some of it useful Quotes, May influenced some of us in betterment of life and help in a race of humankind.

Honesty is Best Policy Quotes of Life from Those Who Digest it….!!!

Honesty is Best Policy Quotes ,

Walter Anderson Say:

Our lives improve only when we take chances- and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with our selves.

C. Buddingh Say:

Nothing is so easy as pretending to be totally honest.

Lester Maddox Say:

Honest businessmen  should be protected from the unscrupulous consumer.

Chi chi Rodriguez Say:

Preparation through steady  practice is the only honest avenue to achieving  your potential.

Philip Crosbe Say:

Just being honest is not enough . the essential  ingredient is executive integrity.

Douglas Adams Say:

To give real service you must add  something  which can not be bought or measured  with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

James Howell Say:

Who tells a lie to save his credit wipes his nose on his sleeve to save his napkin.

Ludwig borne Say:

The only successful way to cheat IS   …..  TO BE CANDID.

Chevalier de bruix Say:

You need less skill to cheat then not be cheated.

Jan losky Say:

There are so many ways to tell the truth, that it is always superfluous to lie.

Jules Renard Say:

Tell the truth from time to time, then they will believe you when you lie.

Merritt malloy Say:

Tell the truth . it’s cheaper then an attorney  and a lot more effective.

John Greenleaf whittier Say:

As a small business person, you have no greater leverage then the truth.

Honesty is Best Policy Quotes ,

So, Friends see, this all people already said some important massage about how Honesty is Best Policy Quotes of Life. May it their personal views about Honesty.

But so many people talk about it means there is some thing in that word ” HONESTY “. I hope you people enjoy it.

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