Who is considered an SEO specialist? What tasks are his/her tasks?

You’ve heard of the SEO specialist before. This term is different from the SEO analyst. In this article we will tell you more about this job and what skills it requires. 

Becoming an SEO specialist is not an easy thing, but it is possible though. Many people usually apply for SEO specialist positions, but most of them are out of the competition. They fail to pass the practical test most of the time.  

Ten years ago, the job looked much different than it does now, as it now requires a whole host of new skills from what was there at the time.

If you want to rule this field and be an SEO professional who gets many offers from various companies, you should be patient and put all your effort into learning. You should start attending courses. Some of these courses might exceed at least 40 hours for one course. You should do some practical exercises, keeping in mind that you must follow any new updates in the field. 

 But who is an SEO specialist? What tasks are his/her tasks?

He or she analyzes, reviews, and applies changes to a site, to make sure it is optimized for search engines. In other words, the specialist should let your website appear in the first search engine results.

Here are some of the SEO specialist’s tasks

  • View and analyze customer sites and factors that need improvement.
  • Prepare detailed reports and strategies.
  • Select the least expensive and profitable keywords for customer sites.
  • Writing effective titles and improve the appearance of the article on the site.
  • Create an external SEO strategy.
  • Use crown marks.
  • Create successful PPC campaigns.
  • Consult with web designers to improve site performance to boost ranking in search results.
  • Evaluate the products offered, traffic sources, site content quality, design, security, and ease of navigation within the site.

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