5 Rock-Solid Strategies to Help You Rank: SEO

WHY IS SEO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR WEBSITE?With increasing number of websites, the competition is accelerating day by day.Hence, to make one stand out in the crowd, SEO has become indispensable for any website. You cannot think of surviving in the competitive world of websites without following proper SEO techniques which can shape your business in the right direction. Here is a list of Top 5 unique strategies which can help you to know the intricacies of SEO in a much greater detail.

Trust me, SEO is much more than just keyword density or keyword placement. You simply need to know the right tricks to manage your website effectively and efficiently. The door of opportunities is open for you if you simply know how SEO can bring a massive change in your business.


The first and foremost trick for SEO is selling your content effectively. To put it in simple words, you need to master the art of content marketing which is the very core of SEO. You cannot do away with content marketing which focuses on selling high quality content to its users.

You could also think of marketing your content at social platforms which can accelerate your web traffic.You would see a sea change over time when you would be listed among top search results on Google. Just make sure that you build keyword specific content and use one single link from the authority site to link it with your primary domain.


The user experience would greatly depend upon the page speed. Trust me, no user would want to use a website which is very slow and tedious to access. Hence, you should strive for fast loading pages when it comes to SEO to add to a user’s overall experience.For Google, good user experience would be directly proportional to your ranking. It is recommended that you use tools like GTMetrix, Varvy’s Page Speed Tool or Google’s Page Speed which would give you a deeper insight of how things really work in SEO.


Users are now a days switching to using mobiles and other easily accessible devices rather than desktops for searching. This change is definitely to be taken into account when it comes to Google. Make sure that the user experience is equally pleasurable when they access your website through mobile or tablet devices. Recently, Google launched its AMP project which aims at further accelerating the mobile loading speed.


You cannot negate the power of video marketing which is the very core of SEO marketing strategy. Visuals can create a difference in the user experience and thus are necessary for SEO.Due to the immense popularity of marketing content through videos like YouTube and Vimeo, you can effectively market your content at a very different level.Videos can also act as a bridge between the website and the users. Videos can help them grasp things more efficiently.


Building your credibility takes time and you cannot think of building your authority over night. Therefore, you need to be very patient with the results before you think of becoming successful. It might take years to build your own goodwill. But, you can become a bit more social, keep a check on the latest trends, follow others, keep yourself updated to make a real difference.

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Hence, in a nutshell, you need to be well versed with the nittygritties of SEO before you think of stepping in the world of digitally selling your content. Just be assured that if you know the right techniques, you are going to succeed sooner or later. Trust me, not every writer can master SEO and it is a skill which you learn with time. Therefore, you should simply use your resources in spending on the right platforms or you might regret wasting your precious time and money. These tricks can definitely help you rank on the topmost pages of google.

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