5 Ways to Send Anonymous SMS from Internet

Pranks are the new cool and you can see how many video views YouTube videos get when you search for prank videos.

It’s fun, makes you laugh and lightens up the moment. One such prank people have been using is sending SMS anonymously to their friends, which is a super crazy idea and fun!

5 Ways to Send Anonymous SMS from Internet

Although many carriers have disabled calling or sending SMS through private number or hidden number, there are online services that can help you do the same without even registering, and for free.

Send SMS Anonymously


The best of all, super fast service. Just enter the number you want to send, tick ‘no’ on the next option, type your message and click send. Fooooo… and it goes to the prey!


Next is also a free and quick service to send SMS anonymously. It gives you a 160 letter limit just like any other messaging service.


Surprisingly, this private anonymous text service provides you with 500 letter limit to send SMS. When we checked it speed of sending messages, it took around 2-3 minutes for the message to reach.


This anonymous sms service online is available to send messages only in India with 130 characters limit. Speed of sending is not known.


Most of you might like to use this since it allows you to send messages privately around the globe and not limited to any specific country. It has a 130 characters limit. Sending messages to a different country than yours can take well up to 15 minutes.

Above were the 5 best online messaging services for free and anonymously, in no particular order. They can be used to send normal messages but can be pranked too!

We highly recommend you not to hurt or irritate anyone using these services and use it only for genuine purposes of sending normal messages online for free.

Troubling girls through these services is not a good act of humanity, please refrain from doing so. Use it only between your male friends.

Let me know if you have any difficulties in using any of them in the comments below and we will help you get a workaround.

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