7 Best Free Fax App for Mac

Mac is a very sophisticated piece of gadget. It is so sophisticated and classy that sometimes even the most basic utility apps are non functional on the Mac. As a Mac user, while you do feel a sense of pride in owning a Mac, you sometimes might feel bottlenecked with the limited choices that you have.

Free fax app have become a current fad with corporations and have reinvented business communication. The online fax applications are becoming increasingly efficient with astonishing faxing features.

Best online Faxing App for Mac

So, what if your Mac could actually also substitute for a fax machine? This is an extreme high possibility with the below mentioned 7 best free fax apps for Mac that you definitely need to have:

CocoFax: Best Free Fax App

If there was an award for the best free fax app, it would certainly go to CocoFax. The application is so marvelous and versatile that you feel more at ease with faxing through CocoFax than a fax machine.

Coming specifically to a machine as elite and sophisticated as Mac, CocoFax offers the perfect interface and features. It is a big hit amongst the corporates and individuals who use faxes extensively for business communication.

The application offers more than one can even imagine. With a fax number that is free, 30 day free trial and 100+ cover sheet templates, CocoFax has been winning hearts. CocoFax is a dream application and it can totally simplify and organize your fax communication.

CocoFax, online Faxing App for Mac,

What Makes CocoFax the best online Faxing App for Mac

Online faxing apps are also home to many malware and phishing tools. They can get a little overwhelming with cookies and unwanted extensions that make you compromise on the security of your Mac. Further, it doesn’t just help you with eliminating any risk, it also redefines security. The application is equipped with premium encryption systems. There is no risk of data leakage. The faxes will be only yours to view and consider.

CocoFax, online Faxing App for Mac,

No Data Breach or Leakage

Corporates and individuals prefer faxes as they are safer as compared to emails and other communication messengers. While most of the communication sources are hackable, CocoFax is safe and offers premium protection.

Free Fax Number for your Mac

When your Mac becomes a full fledged fax machine, it also deserves a fax number. CocoFax offers a fax number that is free of cost. As a part and parcel of your subscription, you also attain a free fax number.

If you have applied for a fax number before, you would be aware of what a hassle and pain it can be. With submission, approval and a lot of paperwork, attaining a fax number can be really tiresome.But when you opt for CocoFax, you attain the fax number as a part and parcel of your subscription.

100+ Fax Cover Sheets for your Mac

The users of Mac are mostly lovers of elite and sophisticated designing. The good news is that with CocoFax, even your fax documents can become a piece of art. They can be well designed by virtue of the fax cover sheets provided by CocoFax.

CocoFax turns out to be an efficient platform as it is home to over 100+ fax cover sheets. You can choose your pick as to whichever template suits your fax document. Further, it makes faxing so much more organized.

Sending Faxes out immediately from Mac

There are many ways in which you can send out faxes from your Mac with the assistance of CocoFax. You can use the CocoFax dashboard for sending and receiving fax. Additionally, you can also use the web application and even the emails to send out faxes from your Mac.

Sending faxes from your email configured on the Mac is one of the most casual and convenient way of sending out a fax. It does not even seem like an extra chore, but just a regular email.

CocoFax, online Faxing App for Mac,

Delivery Notification on Mac

You attain certainty with every fax that you send out. Whether your fax is delivered or delayed out of manual errors of unavailability of the fax machine, you will get a notification for the same. You just would not await details or confirmation in suspense. You will know the real status of your fax.

CocoFax, online Faxing App for Mac,

2. is also a popular faxing alternative for Mac. The only downside with this platform is that while other applications are more extensive and flexible with respect to usability, PC-Fax only works on computers.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral stands as a good competition to online faxing apps. You can send and receive faxes online through this application. The application offers a good enough interface and has a history of good functionalities and fax successes.

4. MetroFax

Metrofax is an application that offers good online fax options and alternatives to fax users. The application is reliable and is compatible with Mac. The rates and services are in line with the industry standards.

5. FaxBurner

FaxBurner is also used by fax enthusiasts far and wide as a nice option for a Mac app. The application is quite convenient and offers good impetus for sending and receiving apps promptly.

6. MyFax

MyFax is also a good alternative when it comes to good Mac apps. The application offers all major fax services. It also has a good customer base who rely upon the services offered by the platform.

7. PamFax

PamFax is an immensely popular faxing app for Mac. The application provides dependable fax facilities and is known for ease of sending faxes world wide. It also has an active customer care that caters to user needs and requirements.


It is true that there are many alternatives that allow you to fax online with a fax number, but none of the options are as efficient as compared to CocoFax. The app has been perfect in its conduct and has created online faxing benchmarks for other online applications to follow.

CocoFax is the most economical and prudent online faxing solution to send and receive faxes online. As a fax service user, if you try CocoFax, no other application is ever going to be good enough!

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