Beyond The Trends Home Decoration Ideas By Nisha Jamwal

Today we know about Beyond the Trends Home Decoration Ideas. By celebrated writer and luxury brand consultant. Nisha Jamwal’s – design philosophy. With her own house and her personal design thoughts on home decoration. The fact that with all this, the home decoration does not look cluttered, but maintains serenity and harmony. The fact that the sea from the picture windows is part of the interior design, as if it is part of the house design, says Nisha.

Note : Thoughts of Nish Jamwal’s Ref by zingyhomes & Photo Credits: Dev Mandal

Beyond The Trends Home Decoration Ideas.

Home Decoration,

Let’s get on how Nisha, think about home decoration. and get some hints on your future interior design project.

The highpoint of any space or home decoration, I design is lighting. Which I devise with special care and thought. So as to enhance architectural features, and I infuse this into the space. I design to bring out the textures and color of the medley of materials used.

Home Decoration Theme.

Indirect white lights from under window seats and tables. Under kitchen cabinets are often contrived to give a softness and warmth of glow. And are designed to be used at nights without turning on the direct lights. The intent was to create a romantic or even subtle relaxed mood.

The direct light is given by the use of brushed steel and white milky frost glass lamps and wall sconces.

Painting on the wall in home decore

Open kitchens with all aesthetic possibilities are functional, user friendly. And most of all avant garde and futuristic and often seen in my home decoration.

I have a try for opening up spaces that allow one to breathe and feel expansive. Light and space form the theme of every home decoration I design. I have eliminated as far as possible cumbersome and conventional furniture objects in my interior design.

The entire drama and decor is created in the design and lighting of the apartment. Through the interplay of material, textures, glass, tile, stone wood mosaic! It’s indeed a striking effect.

vibrant colored furniture

Window seats alongside large picture windows are a hallmark of my design. Created especially for light and view, and extends along the entire width of the room, if possible.


The mundane does not excite me. So, I am mostly attracted to the drama of stone, and like materials with texture in their natural form.

Stone – rough and textured in copper golds clad on the walls, and on the floor. A silver grey juxtaposed with glazed ‘bansi pahadpur’ stone, that shine inlayed. Between silvers of the slate has me in rhapsodies!

elegant and cozy bedroom decoration

I have not ‘done up’ the home at all. I have allowed it to grow into, what it is – kaleidoscopic, eclectic, a profusion of art, antiques. Ancient furniture from my royal lineage and my own family’s passion for art, our legacy. My home is contemporary despite its antique art collection, it is dramatic, flamboyant, very much like me. Making no apology for breaking established design rules.

home decoration with Pictures on the wall of living room

In Last, My home decoration and design philosophy is one, which goes for style. That is effortless, that goes beyond trends, times and whats in or whats out. One that works and what looks good in any environment.

One that makes a statement and looks stunning any time of the night or day. Not just when guests come calling!

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