A Condom Can Protect You From Computer Viruses

Ding Dong! Yes it is very much true what you read above. Just as a normal condom can reduce the probability of getting pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, what if I tell you that a condom can help you protect from malicious computer viruses and trojans? 

A Condom Can Protect You From Computer Viruses

The tittle of this article itself might have interested you so read through to know about it.

Computer viruses are just as dangerous as the biological one’s. The Condom USB is a device that acts as a stopgap between any your computer and any USB enabled device.

How does it work?

As soon as the Condom USB detects a malicious program or virus, built-in program software in the Condom USB shuts off USB access, diagnosis the problem, removes the troublesome malware or virus, then reopens the transfer bridge to your computer.

This is the hardware solution for keeping the viruses and malware at bay.

Check out these images designed by Ko Yang

By looking at these images, you might have got a rough idea on how the Condom USB works. The question can be, would this really work in real world?

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