Choosing the Right Dedicated Server Hosting Makes Business Sense, Really?

Choosing the Right Dedicated Server Hosting Makes Business Sense, Really? This is a question a rise when we started online serious business and at that time the cost of dedicated server and server hosting is, we feel little bit more in comparison to shared server hosting. But believe me if you are doing some really dedicated online business and earn out of it, I highly suggest you to shift your online hosting on Dedicated server hosting.

Most webmasters feel growing pains when they need to expand from their existing setup to a larger one.But, the pinch or the impact truly strikes when a competitor offers the same service with better deals and faster speed online. Your competitor has probably moved onto a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A Dedicated Server Brings your Business Up To Speed

Dedicated server hosting usually involves a single computer which is dedicated towards the needs of a particular network. By having a server that is dedicated towards hosting, storing data or even communicating with other computers, businesses have the advantage of space, time and future resources.

Here’s a look at the advantages of having a dedicated server.


Dedicated or shared?

Managed dedicated server hosting is practically viable despite being a bit more expensive than shared server hosting. When it comes to the decision-making process for a shared server or a dedicated server, check for factors that will make it easier for your business to propel ahead.

We give a detailed run-down of the difference between dedicated and shared servers.

Factors Dedicated Server Hosting Shared Server Hosting
Number of sites hosted Only your site or company has access to the server and it will be restricted to only the person/persons within your company to whom it has been allocated, no one else can use this server. Maximum number of users or sites can use this server as there are no boundaries on the number of people and companies who can share this server
Bandwidth requirements Provides the maximum or the highest amount of bandwidth to the user as the server is not shared with any other user. Little or very low bandwidth provided that is usually restricted to the amount of usage.
Maintenance and management The user has complete control and responsibility of the web hosting server to ensure its smooth functioning. The website host provider installs, manages, controls and ensures the security of the servers. Users have no control or management on the server.
Overall costs As there is only one user, there is only one cost associated with the server that is not shared. It is likely to be expensive. As there are several users, the cost of the server is shared with other users.
Security You have complete control of the security applications, firewalls and programs to be installed. Shared hosting servers are protected by the provider of the hosting server.
Possibilities of being blacklisted None Yes. This usually happens as someone else on the shared server is already engaging in unethical activities.

Choosing the dedicated server hosting:

Choosing between a dedicated server hosting and a shared server hosting one should be practically easy.

In an effort to choose convenience and low cost, most businesses choose to go with shared servers. Yet, despite the cost aspect, there are some definite advantages of having dedicated servers.

So, if you are going to choose a dedicated server hosting instead of a shared server, then, look out for these factors to improve your decision making process. Here’s what need to check out in your server:

  • Check the compatibility of the OS in your server. Also, the open source stack involves should be vetted out for Ruby on Rails, Linux or even an Apache/php/mysql server.
  • By deciding on the technology stack, you can evaluate the amount of RAM that you need for your architecture.
  • To deal with performance issues, its best that you choose a dedicated server such as those offered by recognized server providers like the ones at the
  • In order to host images, videos or any other multimedia options like flash applications, its best to choose a server that offers the optimal bandwidth and disk space.
  • Check for monthly prices and setup costs. Compare the rates for software licensing, upgrades and parts, apart from other management plans and additional services.

Featuring amongst the top of the lists of the best providers of dedicated server hosting is the Compared to relatively good providers like, Hostgator, is more popular for the following three reasons:

  • Flexibility: dedicated server hosting are designed to suit the needs of those involved in web hosting for personal use or for any business.
  • Fair prices: If you thought that dedicated server web hosting is expensive business, move away from the other providers and check out the latest offerings from
  • Reliable and bankable support: When it comes to the close to zero downtime and round the clock support, then it’s time that you ring up the support staff at the

Perhaps, a better view of’s services can be seen in this direct comparison of products:

HDD 512 GB Dual 1 TB
CPU Speed 2.30 Ghz
Monthly Cost Rs: 8199 Rs: 6000

As the statistics show, 62% of all websites in Alexa Top 10k by traffic are hosted on Dedicated Servers.

Lastly, the choice of the ideal server is it dedicated server hosting or shared should be determined only the conditions those that are unique to your business or personal use. Don’t hesitate to hunt for the ideal distributor of dedicated server hosting that follow the conditions based on your requirements.

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