Best Bloggers Forums and Communities around the World for Promotion

Must be Connect Best Bloggers Forums and Communities around the World is a collective effort for those, who are a new bees in the world of blog. And give a voice or spread awareness about their corner in this larger bloglobe. For that here we put some must visit and explore Bloggers Forums and Communities around the World.

All we know blogging can be a lonely business: we have gathered together more than 80 forums and communities for bloggers to join and give their thoughts a wing.

Must be Connect Best Bloggers Forums and Communities around the World

So, let’s have a look of this amazing collection of bloggers forums and communities.

5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums:

Bloggers forums and communities for discussion on affiliate programs, blogging and related topics, and web advertising. Current membership count is 4,430.

blogger forum


Forum for new and experienced webmasters to discuss topics on affiliate programs and networks, programming, and search engines. There is a marketplace as well. The forum has around 37,266 members so far.

Affiliate Marketing Forum:

With 15,548 registered users, this is a forum for webmasters and bloggers to discuss various topics like affiliate programs, online marketing, blogging, website design, and maintenance.


This bloggers forums and communities discusses affiliate programs and networks, with a current membership of 5,667 members.


Currently with 1,023 members, this bloggers forums and communities is a discussion place for topics on Movable and WordPress discussions. Also has sections for discussion on gaming.

Authority Blogger Forum:

Currently this is a 526 member bloggers forums and communities discussing topics such as blog building, getting feedback on your blog, jobs, and general blogging chit chat.

Blogcrowd forums:

Blogcrowd’s forum has 5,114 registered users for discussions on blogging, traffic, blog platforms, monetization, and design, among others. The site has a good resource of blog templates.

Blogger Data API:

This group of bloggers forums and communities to discuss Blogger API-related development issues.

Blogger Forum:

A bloggers forums and communities to discuss various issues on blogging. It also provide downloads and has some blogging articles as well.

Blogger Help Groups:

With more than 73,556 members so far, this is the official community for Blogger users to discuss issues with using the Blogger platform. Google employees occasionally comes in from time to time to post announcements and answer questions.


Bloggers’ forum to discuss blogging, web hosting, and getting your blog reviewed. Current membership count is 6027. You can earn money by adding Google Adsense ads in your forum posts.

Bloggeries Blog forum:

A bloggers forums and communities for new bloggers to get answers on blogging. 397 members so far.

Blogger Meet Up:

Groups of bloggers from various locations across the globe. You can join these groups to meet up with the bloggers from your area.

blogger forum


A bloggers forums and communities to discuss topics on blog promotion. It has 2,031 members so far.

Blogger Talk Forums:

With 1096 members so far, Blogger Talk has a variety of communities on blogging, blog platforms, tech support, website design, product reviews, and jobs. There are sections for new bloggers and experienced bloggers.

Bloggst Forums:

This bloggers forums and communities discuses blog ads among other subjects. Current membership count is 1,022.

BlogHer Forum:

BlogHer is a community for women bloggers forums and communities with over 10,500 lists of woman bloggers in its list so far. Its forum discusses blogging related topics, jobs, career, and many other.

Blog Mastermind:

1,801 members so far. This community majorly discusses on how to get traffic for blogs. There is a live chat box for bloggers as well.

Blogskins forums:

Discussion on blog skins, design, web hosting, and related topics.

Contest Blogger Forum:

Forum for discussing blog contests, link exchange schemes, and group writing projects.

Digital Inspiration Forums:

This is a bloggers forums and communities discussing not just blogging, but also web 2.0 applications, SEO, making money from AdSense and other ad networks, and just about everything on technology. There is a support forum in which you post your blogging and tech related questions as well.

Digital Point:

With more than 1,00,161 members, this is a large bloggers forums and communities of webmasters to discuss topics ranging from web hosting,design, search engines, and SEO.


This is a webmasters’ forum to discuss issues like domain management and legalities and website content development. total number of members so far is 44,646.

DreamTeam Money:

This is a forum for discussing opportunities for making money online. There is a webmasters section also for discussing various website development and SEO topics. There is a bloggers forums and communities market place as well. Current membership is 23,435.


This is a webmasters’ forum to discuss a range of topics on earning on the web. Currently it has 8,633 members.

Easy WordPress Blog & Profit Insider Club:

A forum for WordPress bloggers on WordPress related issues and topics. This forum has a current membership count of 1,656.

eWealth Internet Marketing Forum:

This is a forum for discussing affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

Feedburner Forum:

The official Feedburner support forum for webmasters and bloggers on how to integrate Feedburner feeds with various blogging and web hosting platforms and on working with Feedburner feeds.


Discusses various blog platforms, fonts and colors, web hosts among other topics on blogging. The forum currently has 1,250 members.

Get Paid Forum:

This bloggers forums and communities discusses various ‘Get Paid To’ programs. There is a webmasters’ corner also to discuss topics on running and earning revenue from a website. Members can also buy, sell, and trade ads and promotional offers. Current membership is 83,382.

GoldAge Forums:

Forum on paying surf programs, digital currencies, and Get Paid To programs. There is a webmaster forum to discuss optimizing website ads. Current membership is 17,431.

Google Webmasters Help:

A Google group community for webmasters to discuss and share their knowledge with occasional participation of Google employees. It has around 24,887 members so far.

Graphic Forums:

This forum discusses various website design and graphic related topics. Current membership is 5,372.

High Rankings SEO Forum:

Bloggers forums and communities for webmasters on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and online marketing. Has a current membership base of 15,009.

HTML Forums:

With 32,657 members so far, this is a forum on website development, server administration, domain, web hosting, website promotion, and other web related topics.

Kadva Corporation:

This is a forum discussing not just blogging,  SEO, making money from AdSense and other ad networks, and just about everything on technology & design. There is a support forum in which you post your blogging and tech related questions as well.

blogger forum-2



NamePros is a forum of domain name owners, investors, buyers, and sellers. There are over 67,960 members at this forum to discuss issues relating to domain names and website development

Performancing Blog Forums:

This is a forum on blogging and how to make money from blogs. There is a bloggers’ marketplace as well.


This is forum for discussing Photoshop tools and general web design and development. The forum has around 7,742 members currently.


Create a profile about your blog or yourself with ProBlogWriters. It has a bloggers forums and communities to discuss various aspects on blogging with a current membership count of 2,457.


This forum has more than 66,299 members talking about possible scams online and offline.

Search Engine Forums:

Forum to discuss search engine optimization, website marketing, traffic building, advertising, website hosting and maintenance.

Self-Starters Weekly Tips:

A forum for webmasters on e-business, online marketing, and web development. there is a newbie section and an elite section too. The forum has 10,132 members so far.

SEO Black Hat:

A forum for advanced web entrepreneurs to discuss topics on attracting traffic and generating more revenues from websites. In their own words, they say ‘If you are relatively new to SEO or building websites, then do not join the SEO Black Hat Forums: you will be in way over your head.’ Around 9,223 members so far.

SEOchat Forums:

A webmasters’ forum on SEO and search engine technologies with more than 37,572 members.

Siteowners eBusiness Forums:

This is a webmasters’ forum discussing web development and related issues. It has around 18,224 members so far.

SitePoint Forums:

This is a large community for webmasters and bloggers with a membership count of more than 2,01,889 currently. Discussions range from programming, site hosting and designing. There are blogging related discussions as well. There is also a SitePoint marketplace for webmasters.


With 11,797 members, Talk Freelance is a forum and a marketplace for webmasters and bloggers to discuss various freelance gigs available, website designing and development, and blogging related topics.

Technorati Support:

How can we miss Technorati? This is its support forum for various bloggers to discuss best ways to get their blogs indexed in the leading blog search engine.

The Blog Experiment:

This is a new bloggers’ community with a membership count of 182 members currently.


This cool site provides free themes for e107, Joomla, Mambo, PHP-Fusion, phpBB, PHPNuke, vBulletin, WordPress, and XOOPS. There are forums to discuss themes on these blog platforms separately.

The Webmaster Forums:

Bloggers forums and communities for webmasters on web design and promotion. Has around 11,792 members so far.


With a membership count of 2,980 currently, TrueBlogging is a large community of bloggers discussing everything on blogging, web design and development, and blogging jobs.

Warrior Forum:

Discussion on copywriting, adsense, and web related topics. There are ebooks available for members. Current membership count is 59,356.

Web Design Forums:

This is a forum for web designers and web development professionals for discussing webmaster tools and information and is a source for basic website builder knowledge. Current membership count is 21,064.


Another forum for bloggers to discuss blogging platforms, design, legal issues, monetizing, and related topics on blogging.

Webmaster Forum:

This forum has 34,436 members so far and discusses various topics of interest for webmasters including web hosting,design, and SEO. There are blogging related discussions well including design, integration, posting, trackbacks, blog promotion, etc.


This is forum discussing all issues of interest to webmasters. Similar to BloggerHub, you can earn money by adding Google AdSense ads in your forum posts.

WebmasterWorld Forums:

Another webmasters’ forum discussing a range of topics such as programming within the browser, website design and production, SEO, search engines, and affiliate marketing.

Were-Here Forums:

Forum for discussion on coding, design, web development, application development, and operating systems.


Forum for webmasters on affiliate marketing, traffic, content, design, hosting, and domain. There is a newbie’s section too. Current membership is 13,590.

WordPress Forums:

The official community of WordPress users discussing various issues of WordPress blogging.

WordPress Support:

The official WordPress support forum.

Work at Home Forum:

Forum on affiliate marketing, freelance and other work at home opportunities.

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So, friends this is all i have to share with you people and hope this bloggers forums and communities list is use in your blogging journey for bright future. Hope you enjoy it, and if you find best bloggers forums and communities use full then don’t forget to share with others and yours……;)

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