Famous Top 20 Popular Indian Bloggers with Best Blogs to Read

Popular Indian Bloggers: This article is all about Popular Top 20 Popular Indian Bloggers With Best Blogs To Read for Many newbie bloggers are willing to know more about popular earning blogs and bloggers. So i was thinking why should not write a perfect article about  Top 20 popular Indian bloggers with their short introductory note.

From the couple of days i was looking for the famous and popular Indian bloggers and finally i have created this amazing list of all those Top popular Indian bloggers and blogs only exist in India.

So the blogs and popular Indian bloggers that i want to introduce you here will have different niches because some of them on bloggers, Technologies, news, books and other professional activities.

Famous Top 20 popular Indian bloggers [ Harsh Agarwal ]

– Shoutmeloud is a professional and award winning blog. The heart picker blog was launched on 2008. Show me one blogger who do not admire shoutmeloud. It is founded by Harsh Agarwal. This blog is subjected to focus on Blogging tips, wordpress, make money online, Web tools, SEO and so on. As his one more achievement is that Harsh was featured in week magazine. [ Amit Agarwal ]

– India’s leading technology blog and also known as Digital Inspiration blog which was launched in 2004 by Amit Agarwal. Labonal niche is Tricks, Tips, news, Tech updates, how to guide etc. He managed to make his mark in blogging in India and work as a full time blogger. [ Amit Bhawani ]

— Androidadvices, the name suggest itself that the blog is about, obviously mobile and android. This blog is launched by Amit Bhawani who has more than 40 blogs to run. Its leading information about the android attracts me the most.

TrakIn [ Prabhudesai ]

— Is another technology top blog in india. TrackIn also found many articles on business related niches.While Apart from these topics, he also loves to write on Politics, stock market, finance and Technology.

SaveDelete [ Jaspal Singh ]

— SaveDelete is another in top 10 list of bloggers in india. Its full technology blog. A well optimize provides awesomes tips and tricks on technology activites. SaveDelete was found in  Oct 2009 by Mr. jaspal Singh. [ Mitul Patel, Jay Amrutia ]

— Kadva Corp | Wing of Thought is an on line public awareness community focused on Mind of Man/Woman, Art, Architecture, Buy, Sell, Rent, Career, Resource, Engineering, Science, Technology, Food, Fitness, Sport, Go, Did, Make, News, Media, Social, Photography, Audio, Video, service, Solution, Support, and productivity tips.

TechPP [ Raju PP ]

— TechPP is another technology blog considered in top ten bloggers in india. techpp also based on technology news. This site provides technology tips and tricks with daily updates. TechPP Author is Computer engineering the most genius and talented Blogger in india. [ Srinivas Tamada ]

— 9lessons is a blog which shares the skill related to web programming, social media, web designing and many more. The invention o f this blog is done by very recognized face Srinivas Tamada from Chennai. The milestone of his life when his wall script which is similar to facebook wall has become famous.

DevilsWorkshop [ Rahul Banshal ]

— Devils workshop is the most popular blog in india This blogs covers technology, social networking, gadgets and internet related articles. This blog leads by two successful Writers Mr. Aditya Kane and Mr. Sauravjit which has written more that 1000 articles. it was founded at the end of 2006.


— The Mouth shut is based on buying and selling. great site and continuously news updates daily. Mouthshut helps consumers make informed shopping decisions. It has great intentional reviews on every business or brand right from large corporations to small local businesses,This translates to millions of reviews on hundreds of thousands of products. [ Raju PP ]

— This blog as name suggest gives information about technology created by the proficient blogger named Raju PP, in 2008. This blog covers particularly Web tools and Gadgets and so on. Whenever I visit this blogs it solves my queries. [ Rajesh Namse ]

— Techlila blog revolves around the How to guides, iPhone, Mobile, wordpress etc. Techlila was launched by Rajesh Namse. [ Saurabh Saha ]

— The founder of Techgyd is Saurabh Shah which is launched in 2000. This blog is particularly focus on how to guide, social media, tech news, infographics and so on.  [ Abhijeet Mukherjee ]

— The founder of this blog Abhijeet Mukherjee enrich the people lives with his horizon of knowledge of how to guides, web apps tips and tricks, software as well. [ Anirudh Karthik ]

— Exceptnothing is a tech blog which deals with ultimate upcoming Gadgets, Trouble shooting problems, downloads, reviews, and provide a knowledge regarding tips and tricks of latest version. I have seen the considerable focus in this blog which beckon me to get information through this blog by proficient Anirudh Karthik.

Nirmal tv

— Nirmal tv is a daily updated weblog and one of the most top ten blog in india where on this blog you can find articles on latest technologies, Windows 8, Windows 7, Microsoft all versions Office, Internet tools, Blogging tips tricks, social networking tips and web applications, mobile phones tips tricks, free android applications, The blog was started its journey back in October 2005 with blogger platform until it moved to own domain in March 2007. [ Pradeep Kumar ]

— This blog has more than 600 writers to build its expansion of success. The owner of the blog is a great blogger Pradeep Kumar. Technology, WordPress, Blogging etc is its main niche. [ Ashish Sinha ]

— The founder of this blog is Ashish Sinha who managed to impart his skill on Digital Information, Tech Enterpreneurs, News, Start ups and etc. I visit the blog to get the pursuit of knowledge regarding all this. [ Imran Uddin ]

— Alltechbuzz is a in3vention of the young pro-blogger Imran Uddin, the founder of the blog which launched in 2011.The blog is basically about tips and tricks, SEO, Affiliate Marketing etc.

If you own a popular blog and want to get that listed into this ultimate list of most popular Indian bloggers, do let me know in the comments section: So here is the ultimate list of best Indian blogs with their respective owner’s Name & Image, current Page Rank, Alexa Ranking and off course their blog address:

So guys do you know the second name of blogging is business. Let me clear if you work on blog continuously, Seriously, and bring unique contents then i am sure you will get awesome income from it.

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Blogging becomes more and more popular now a days the competitions is out there and every popular Indian bloggers want to get and achieve the target to become a top ten bloggers.


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