Some Effective Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

Getting a large following on Twitter is very important for your overall brand strategy. Your company or brand needs to have a strong following on all social networks, but especially Twitter.

You can easily get the word out quickly to your Twitter followers. Twitter users are constantly logging in to check their updates and will see your tweet right then.


In order to gather a large and effective Twitter following, here are a few tips to help get more Twitter followers.

Get More Twitter Followers

1. Ask your followers to Retweet you
The retweet button is there for a reason, so use it. The retweet button is there to expand the range of a tweet and it usually gains you a few additional followers. Tell your followers to “Please Retweet” your best tweets. If one person retweets your tweet there is the potential for one or two more of their followers to retweet it. Then it starts going viral from there.

2. Use is an ad network for Twitter profiles. You buy a certain amount of impressions and get your Twitter profile shown on their network of publishers with over 1.9 million pageviews per month. Unlike most other Twitter follow bots, FeaturedUsers gives you real followers who are interested in your tweets. You also have the ability to target your profile to different countries and languages. Also, they provide you with real time analytics. I’ve used this service and it really works!

3. Use #Hashtags in your tweets
Using a hashtag in your tweets allows other users to search Twitter and the Internet to find relevant content. #Hashtags used to not be so pretty to look at, but I’m starting to get used to seeing them all the time now. Just don’t go overboard. No more than two #hashtags per tweet.

4. Tweet awesome pictures
People like to see funny and awesome pictures. Post a picture of something you just ate or something you did last weekend. There are many services and apps available now to do this such as TwitPic and Instagram. Pictures usually retweet well and more retweets get your more followers.

Get More Twitter Followers

Effective Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

5. Engage in conversation
Talk with other Twitter users just like you would talk to someone in person. Find other users on Twitter that share the same interests as you and reply back to their tweets.

Don’t be afraid to go back and forth a few times. After all, this is called Social Media.

6. Link to your Twitter account
Link to your Twitter account in every location that you can. Put your Twitter profile at the bottom of your email signature.

If you have a blog, make sure to place a link or Twitter icon on your page. With every email you send or every visitor to your page, those are potential followers to your Twitter account.

7. Rent a billboard
Ashton Kutcher did it. Although he might have a much larger budget than most of us. He did this when he was in a race to beat CNN to the first 1,0000000 followers on Twitter.

8. Participate in #FollowFriday
There is a #hashtag called #FollowFriday that Twitter users use every Friday to let other users know who they should follow. You should use it too. A lot of the times, you will get retweeted by the person you give a #FollowFriday to.

What other techniques or tips do you have for building your Twitter followers?

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