Create XML Sitemap Online for your Website or Blog?

An XML Sitemap is a sitemap which is created for search engines. The XML Sitemap is a listing of all the URLs on your site that you want search engines to crawl and index . In last post I Introduced Sitemaps and their Importance for your  Blog and now I’m going to tell you that “How to Create XML Sitemap of Your Site/Blog for Search engines like Google and Bing etc.”

Google Recommends XML Sitemaps

How to Create XML Sitemap?

If you are using a CMS or Blogging Software like WordPress then you can easily create sitemap using any sitemap generator plugin. You can find many sitemap generator plugins in WordPress Plugin directory and easily use them without any technical knowledge. I personally recommend Google XML Sitemap Generator Plugin and WordPress SEO by Yoast for easy Sitemap Generation.

But if you have a static website and you have large number of pages,then it’s difficult to create xml sitemap of your website and if your site doesn’t have a sitemap,then some pages of your site could be ignored by spiders . Result ! Less traffic  . . Less ranking ..

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Nowadays there are many free sitemap generators are available on internet but most of them are not free or free for a limited use but Today I’m Going to tell you about a Online Sitemap Generator Tool from which not only creates Google friendly XML Sitemap but also generates Sitemaps in HTML and other various formats  like CSV or TXT. This tool is 100% free and doesn’t have any limit in creating sitemaps,It means you can easily crawl, generate & download sitemaps of Unlimited Size.

Create XML Sitemap Online

Since this is an online tool ,so you doesn’t need to download and install any program. You only need latest version of Java which is free could be installed easily .

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How to Use Online Sitemap Generator Tool?

Please follow steps below to create sitemap of your website using this Online Sitemap Generator Tool

  • Go to .It may take some time to load Java.
  • Accept any all notifications then You will see a screen like above picture
  • Enter your Project name.(This name would be uses as  a default name for report files)
  • Enter url of your Website.
  • Configure url and content filters ( Only if you want to add extra url or content filters ,if  not then it’s OK)
  • Configure Crawling rules.(Only if you want to add any special crawling rules, if not then leave it default)
  • Now click on the green button at bottom to start Crawling.
  • As soon as crawling starts ,you can see a page like above picture In “Crawler” tab.
  • Now navigate to Sitemap tab,You will see like picture below.
Create XML Sitemap Online (Click to Enlarge)
  •  As soon as the crawl is complete,you can export sitemap in various formats like XML,HTML,txt or other.
  • Click on Export Button as described in image below and choose your prefered format.
Export XML Sitemap from Online Sitemap Generator
Export XML Sitemap from Online Sitemap Generator
  • Save it to your prefered location in your PC .
  • Upload this Sitemap to root of your site and then submit it to google.

Once you have uploaded the XML file to your domain, you can edit your robots.txt file to include the sitemap URL like below.


It is, however, one of the only ways to directly communicate with spiders and leave them a little to-do list. Enticing isn’t it?

Next Over to You

I hope that it told you all about generating sitemap using sitemap Generator tool. If you have any questions, or noticed that we missed something, then please leave a comment below.

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