WhatsApp vs Paytm vs Google Tez – Which one is best payment aap system for us?

Which one is the best payment systems? WhatsApp vs Paytm vs Google Tez! India’s first digital payments revolution began in August 2016 with the launch of the Unified Payments Interface or UPI. And what gave it a boost was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap 86 percent of the currency in circulation on November 8 later that year.

WhatsApp vs Paytm vs Google Tez

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Best payment apps comparison:

The battle of India’s Pay App Segment is entering the country’s most popular app Whatsapp. The Facebook-owned app, which claims 200 million subscribers in the country, has launched its Whatsapp Payments Service beta. This facility is powered by UPI and has so far limited to 1 million users across the country. Download Whatsapp pay.

Here’s how WhatsApp Payments compares to the other two popular apps, Paytm and Google Tez. What is that users can do with them and what is that they cannot.

Per month Transaction limit

  • WhatsApp: As allowed by the bank
  • Google Tez: Maximum Rs 1 lakh
  • Paytm: Maximum Rs 1 lakh

Cashback offers?

  • WhatsApp: No
  • Google Tez: Yes
  • Paytm: Yes

Train ticket bookings:

Indian Railway Payment Getaway allow booking ticket

  • Paytm: Yes
  • WhatsApp: No
  • Google Tez: No

Flight ticket booking: Both Paytm and Google Tez allow

  • WhatsApp: No
  • Paytm: Yes
  • Google Tez: Yes


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