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Data Recovery Software: Have you Lost Your Important Data from your Computer, hard drive, memory card or from any external Hard Disk? If yes then there are tons of Free and paid data recovery software available in the market. To recover the Deleted data or files. There are Numbers of data recovery software available that allows you to recover or un-delete your deleted data from the Computer Hard Drive, Memory card or from any external hard disk. Today we are going to show you some best available data recovery software in the market that allows you to recover your important files.

Data is important for everyone as some Data is very crucial and we can’t find such data again. So it’s always a good idea to try the best available data recovery software to get the deleted data.

Best 6 Data Recovery Software – Restore Deleted Files with Recovery Tools

Sometimes because of third party tool or accidentally we delete the critical data and if you don’t have any proper Backup then it’s very hard to get those data, there are a chance that sometimes your hard disk get corrupt or Memory card get corrupt, and you lose the valuable data.

The Good news is that this data is not always getting deleted. And there is still some chance to get those data again with the help of data recovery software. This software works excellent and provides some good solution for the problem.

Today we are going to give you some best file recovery software. That allows you to get your deleted data back and with this software. You can undelete all those data witches you have deleted accidentally.

Data Recovery Software,

free data recovery software.

Best Data Recovery Software:

  1. DMDE:

DMDE is one of the first Data Recovery Software; The free version of this software allows you to recover all the accidently deleted data from your Computer, Hard Drive, and Memory Card. The software in one of the most useful and it’s free for up to 2GB of data recovery.

If you have lost your important data and if size is not more than 2GB then you can Download the DMDE Free Version to get all your valuable data back again. The paid version of this software has some extra feature that allows you to get backup directory wise and much more. If you are looking for advance and paid version software to recover the deleted data, then you can go with the DMDE.

  1. Recuva:

Recuva is popular software to Recover the deleted file. The Piriform develops the software; the same company has also produced the popular CCleaner and PC Cleaning tools. If you are looking for best options to recover your deleted data, then you can go with the Recuva to recover deleted data.

Recuva is very easy to use, and you don’t have to make much effort. You can retrieve data simply by answering the few questions. Like What kind of scan you required, file format, location and so on. The software has very easy UI, and you can find the most useful feature of this software.

  1. Pandora Recovery:

Pandora Recovery is another useful tool to recover data. If you are looking for light weight Data Recovery Software. Then Pandora Recovery is for you. The software has excellent features, and it’s totally free to use. The software provides rich features, and you can search your deleted data quickly with this software.

Pandora Recovery has deep integration, and you have complete access to find. What kind of files you want to recover? The software has the more advanced feature as compared to other software. Once you start using it then you will find little difficulty with the UI. But the software works great, and it makes one of the best Free Data Recovery Software.

  1. EaseUS:

EaseUS is another Popular Data Recovery Software: That helps you to recover the Deleted data from your Computer and Hard Drive. The software has a rich feature. That will help you to quickly recover deleted Photos, Images, Documents and much more in just few clicks.

The Good file recovery software is one of the most popular since 2004, and it has some features. If you have limited data to recover up to 2GB, then you have the free option available. And if you want to go with the high data, then they are providing the paid version of EaseUS.

The EaseUS is one of the popular Software and available for Windows and Mac. They are also offering options to recover the data from Android and iPhone, but for this, you need to buy the mobile version of software separately to get your data back from the cell phone.

  1. MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is excellent file recovery software to get you deleted data back on your Computer. The software is offering luxurious features that you are looking for to file recovery software. The advance feature of this software allows you to recover the all the important files, images, videos, music and important document which you have deleted.

The software is offering a free version for some limitation. If you have the data up to 1 GB, then you can use this software for free, and if you have more, data then you have to go for the paid version. The paid version is available for the $69 for the single user and for Business servers it costs $119/PC.

  1. Wise Data Recovery:

Wise Data Recovery is another excellent tool that allows you to recover the data, if you have accidently deleted some important files and now wants to get it back, then Wise Data Recovery is for you. The Software is one of the best that allows you to recover deleted file in just a few clicks.

The Wise Data Recovery allows you to search for any files as you can recover files like Documents, Images, Videos, PDF, Music and much more. It Is lightweight software that allows you to get the back deleted file easily and this makes it’s one of the best data recovery software to recover most important files in just a few mints.

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Conclusions over recovery tools:

Data Recovery is not an easy task you always have to make the proper backup but if you have deleted important files then try all the above-given software. Some Software works correctly, but you may not find every software to recover your data. We have tried to list all the best data recovery software to recover deleted files.

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