How to Do Facebook Search For People Without logging in

How to Do Facebook Search For People Without logging in,…. Facebook – One of the best and biggest social media site. Facebook has approx 2.8 billion monthly active users around the globe. Instead of a social media site, Facebook also becomes a famous search engine to look for people, shops and almost anything.

You just have to log in your account and you can search for the thing you want. Earlier many tools are also available which helps people to search on Facebook without even logging in on your account.

How to Do Facebook Search For People Without logging in –

How to Do Facebook Search For People Without logging in

Facebook is spending millions of dollars to increase the security and due to this all these tools or methods are closed. So in this article, I gonna tell you how to do Facebook search for people without logging in.

How to Find Someone on Facebook without Logging In

1. By Using Facebook People Search

The simple way to find someone without logging in Facebook is by using the Facebook people search. You just have to enter the name of the people you wanna search and hit the enter button. It will show you some relevant profiles and some information about them.

Without signing up you can not get much information about someone. You can signup using your email id and mobile number anytime for free.

2. By Using Facebook Directory

You can also get some information by searching on the Facebook directory. You can find people, groups, and pages by using this method.

Few profiles might not get displayed because of their privacy settings.

3. By Google Search

You can also search for profiles on Google. You can search on google like you search for everything else.

To search on Google you have to type – “Site: Name Of The Person

For example, if you wanna search my personal profile then you have to type – site: Gagan Kamboj

4. Facebook Search For People Without logging in Using Browser Add ons

Other then the upper listed methods you can also use Browser add ons to search for people on Facebook. Though not much add ons are available still some are available to use. You can use these add ons on Firefox and Google Chrome. Some available add ons are listed below.

  1. Facebook – All in one internet search
  2. People Search Engine

The first one is available for both firefox and chrome and the second one is available for only Firefox browser.

5. By Using Social Searcher

You can also use Social Searcher to search for people on Facebook. The social searcher is a popular social search network and it is not limited only to Facebook. You just need to search user profile on this tool and it will give you all related links.


All these tools will help you to do Facebook search for people without logging in. However, you can sign up on facebook with an email id or mobile number for free.

All these tools use the Facebook API to search profiles. But with these tools you will get only limited information about someone and also many members use privacy settings nowadays so I suggest you to register on Facebook to get more info.

If you find someone on Facebook after logged in then chances are more that you will find that person’s profile. After logging in you can search profile with name, email or mobile number of the person.

That’s all for today! if you find any method not working or any other suggestion feel free to comment below so I can update the post with the latest information. As of now these methods are 100% working and will help to Do Facebook Search For People Without logging in.

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