Jio tariffs are Not Cheap Rather Diplomacy at its best!

Hello Folks,… Jio tariffs are NOT CHEAP, rather Diplomacy at its best!

Look at their Subscription Plans:

  • 300MB Net + Free Calls: Rs149/28 days.
  • 2GB Net + Free Calls: 299/21 days, so more or less Rs400/28 days.
  • 4GB Net + Free Calls: Rs499/28 days.
  • 10GB Net + Free Calls: Rs999/28days.

Did you notice that there is no 1GB / 2GB / 3GB / 5GB / 6GB / 8GB plan?

Jio tariffs are Not Cheap Rather Diplomacy at its best!

Most of us need more than 300MB Net, so they will need to shell out Rs400 – Rs500 per month to start with.

So how can Rs500/28 days fixed rate become cheap??? (that too for starters)

Also, after 4GB, the next plan is straight to 10GB with a direct price hike of Rs500.

Can you Feel the Gap???

Jio tariffs are Not Cheap Rather Diplomacy at its best!

So if your usage is around 5-6GB, you need to upgrade to Rs999 plan directly. There is no middle platform for your needs.

What’s more surprising?
Once your data allowance is over, you will be charged Rs250/GB (Yes you read it correct) NOT Rs50/GB like they advertised.

So, you will definitely need to choose a higher plan so that you don’t run out of data.


1: Data Tariff of Rs50/GB is only for JioNet Wifi only. For your mobile 4G, its actually Rs250/GB not Rs50/GB.

You will be getting Jionet Wifi only on Common Public Places, which, in most of the times, will be out of range. (Come on, nobody goes to a CCD outlet everyday for accessing 4G)

2. Calls are NOT FREE unless you subscribe to a plan. Most users who need only calls need to subscribe to Rs149/28 days plan.

Without any plan, your calls will cost 2p/second. Happy?

This brings another conclusion: No matter how much you call, you need to pay Rs149/28 days. Even if you called very less, you need to pay Rs149 or shell out 2p per second.

3. If your existing data allowance gets exhausted, you can subscribe to addon plans, by which you can get extra data within that validity. And the rates of these addons are not at all cheap.

1 GB: Rs151
2 GB: Rs251
4 GB: Rs451
…and so on.

And the validity of these addon plans are equal to your current subscription plan.

Say you exhaused your allowance after 20 days. Then for the rest 8 days you can buy 1 GB paying Rs151. Else it will cost Rs250 from main balance. Happy?

4. Jio Premium Apps Subscriptions are free till 31st December 2017. (yeah not 2016, its free till 2017 end) After that, they will start charging you money for accessing the apps. And they are pretty costly.

So you will become addicted to the apps for 1 long year and then you are most likely to subscribe them.

What’s more?
Your apps data usage will be cut off from your Data Balance.

So, you subscribe to Live TV paying Rs349/month (Yes that’s the charge for Live TV, detailed charges for other apps are available in my blog post regarding Jio tariff plans) and you watch a movie for 2 hrs and it will deduct the data you consumed from your Subscription Plan. So its yet another way to make you subscribe to high data tariffs!

I wrote a blog post on 1st September regarding Jio Tariff Plans, but, unfortunately, after reading the entire detailed tariff list, I had to update the whole post A-Z. I have included the latest official Jio Tariff Plans including Addon Plans and Jio Apps Subscription Plans inside the post including the official terms and conditions.

Everything I said above, to know the Jio Updated Tariff Plans including detailed terms and conditions as stated by them officially, you can read my updated jio tariffs post including proof:

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PS: Wonder why they make 28 days plan instead of monthly plans? Most people misunderstand it as monthly plans but its actually not. Because divide 365 days by 28 it will be 13.03, so you will be paying for 13 billings every year instead of 12. Yeah, one extra month which most people ignores.

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