Did you aware about Off-Facebook Activity Feature?

Are you aware of a Off-Facebook Activity – a new feature that Facebook added since the February 1st update?

Many of you probably don’t know that over the past 8 weeks Facebook has been monitoring and tracking what you do when you’re offline and not on Facebook.

Off-Facebook Activity Feature

hidden messages in inbox facebook,

I suggest you to look now as you won’t believe what they see. To see what they are seeing,

  • Go to Facebook settings,
  • Scroll down to Your Facebook Information.
  • Click on Off-Facebook Activity.
  • You can see the list in Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.

To shut Off-Facebook Activity down . . .

  • In the same setting,
  • click on ‘More Options’
  • Go into Manage Future Activity and turn it off.
  • You may want to clear the history as well

Hope, this Off-Facebook Activity feature information useful for you.

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