How to Setup a Unlimited Professional Email Address with Cloudwale Account

How to Setup a Unlimited Professional Email Address with Account is about after purchasing a domain name, the first thing any webmaster would like to do is to setup a branded email address ending with the custom domain name.

At KADVA CORP, people over and over again ask for email hosting recommendations.

Cloudwale has managed everything very well so it appears pretty illogical to look for any other email provider, This tutorial will help you in connecting your custom domain name with HOS2IN so you can setup a professional email address with and enjoy the irresistible features of HOS 2 INDIA

How to Setup a Unlimited Professional Email Address with Account

 What is a Professional Email?

A professional email is the one that has your business name in it. For example (ex: is a professional email address with rather having ,

There are many ways you can setup a professional email. You can use the built-in mail server that comes with most WordPress web hosting providers.

host2in mail server

Why To Choose Cloudwale To Organize Your Emails:

Every organization needs to maintain their email records usually they recommend reliable paid email brands but using has many advantages. Not only it is free but it has some splendid features which are as follows.

  • Lots of Space: provides 2+ GB free disk storage so you can easily receive as many attachments as you like but if your disk space is full, then without any hesitations you can ask for more disk space from hos2in support.
  • More fun, less spam: has made the world of email spam free so you don’t need to worry about spammed emails because it automatically deletes unwanted emails, before it reaches your inbox.
  • Email Search: allows you to search emails like search engine and with instant search technology you can find the exact message by entering a few keywords.
  • Security at its best: has always tried to fulfill the basic needs of its users and in order to provide full proof security has utilized encryption to keep your mail secure.
  • All This For Free: You will get all these spectacular features for free.

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So, Friends this is all how to create professional email address with  and give a bust to your online presence or you may earn more with this email marketing technique, also. Hope this article you find useful.

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