How to Send Recorded Voice Messages on WhatsApp & I message – Simple Trick

How to Send Recorded Voice Messages on WhatsApp & iMessage – From Chat to Video Calls, Not it’s a new trend of teenagers that is sending Recorded Voice Messages over WhatsApp and for iPhone its iMessage App. So, as Technology keeps on growing the communication system in us is also changing day to day. So part of that you might also be looking to send voice message iphone, send a text message.

Today, we here at  Latest Tech News will be discussing sending Voice Message in iPhone, WhatsApp. Here I will also be sharing a simple trick to send voice messages in iPhone for free of cost using iMessage App.

Although, you can send a voice message from a third party like Visual VoiceMail, AT&T, and Google Voice; these are the third party Android and iPhone applications that can be useful for sending voice messages to your beloved friends and family members for free of cost.

Firstly, I will explain how to send recorded voice messages on WhatsApp, and then I’ll be telling you a simple trick to send voice messages using iMessage App.

How to Send Recorded Voice Messages on WhatsApp

Below are the necessary steps required to send a voice message:-

  • Firstly, open your WhatsApp Application.
  • After that, select a contact of your friends to whom you would like to send a voice message.
  • Once after selecting; now at the right side of below you’ll be having Mic Icon – Long Press it to record and send a voice message to your friend.

You can also cancel your record and send new one – but make sure – receiver has listened to your recording and then the MIC will turn into blue color.

  • Without any hectic task, one can send voice message to his/her friends in a handy way, so this is the tutorial for sending Voice Message on WhatsApp.
  • Now, let’s get into a very simple trick for sending a voice message over iMessage.

As we promise that you need not download any third party software from iTunes or Google Play Store

How to Send Voice Message Over iMessage?


By now all your hands will be up in the air. Yes!! This trick will trill you, but the only disadvantage with this service is you cannot send iPhone voice message to non-iPhone users.

Here’s how to send iPhone Voice Message – Firstly, you need to open Voice Memo Application (VMA) then start recording your voice by pressing the Big Red Button at the center of this app.

  • Make sure recording voice message length is 30 to 1-minute length, this will make receiver listen to your voice so clearly without any hassles.
  • Once your recording is finished now. Click on “Red Button” and save it.
  • Click on the new recordings that you recorded earlier and tap click on the Share button to show IOS Sharing options.
  • Here you can add Apple ID or user to send the recorded voice message.

As this trick is to send voice messages to friends and family members, the same method can be used to send to other iPhone users.

We highly recommend you to send voice message over iPhone – This is to ensure that the voice quality is much better than WhatsApp. However, you can only send voice messages to iOS Users only.

Final Words

We hope this post is very much useful if you have any more queries regarding sending voice message over WhatsApp or iPhone then do let us know through a comment.

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