Practice Tests on the Air: 7 Efficient Tips for Passing PMI PMP Certification Exam with Ease

Studying for an exam takes a lot of energy, but the PMI PMP certification testis a different level. To pass it, you need Herculean effort, your complete diligence, and all your time. Many candidates start their preparation months earlier just to make sure they don’t have to pass this exam twice.The students have to go through a lot of study materials, remember a lot of things, and be prepared for any circumstances. The actual test takes 4 hours to complete, in which you will have to answer 200 questions. To succeed, you will have to choose the resources available on the PMI website or get a hold of those prep tools available on the Pass IT Certificaiton Exam platform.

Preparation for any certification exam is a very intimidating experience, and many candidates are nervous about it. They look for those individuals who have already passed the PMP test and get the best preparation tips from them. Although there are hundreds and thousands of people who have the PMI PMP MD-100  certificate, it is hard to find them near you because it is such an exclusive credential to get.

If you are trying to earn this sought-after certification, then here are some tips that will help you prepare for your exam in two ticks and pass it with flying colours.

Read the PMBOK Guide

Preparing for the PMP exam will be useless without the PMBOK Guide. This PMI test is based largely on this book, so anyone who wants to pass it should has this official material. Take this and use it as the Holy Grail. It can be the perfect road map for you. To make the best use of the information in the guide, start by exploring one area of knowledge in one week.

Start the process by going over the guidelines provided in the book and then move forward. In this way, you will improve your understanding of every topic mentioned in the guide and make it easier for you to think about the information from different angles.

Don’t memorize

Don’t memorise everything mentioned in the PMBOK Guide. You need to put some effort into it. You need to understand the concepts really well, concentrate on the exam topics and focus on learning them. Remember that the PMP test will be evaluating your knowledge and not how many marks you can obtain on every question.The certification exam is designed to evaluate how you can apply these concepts, ideas, and principles in real-life situations. If you know them and their basics, you will be able to come to the right conclusion to every answer and offer the most relevant information to the examiner.

Reread what you’ve learned

Try to reread the PMBOK Guide several times before moving forward. This will help you better understand the material, and your insight will improve with every read. Always make sure that you have purchased the latest version of this book as the PMI changes and updates the study material and the test regularly. Keep updated with all the current and modern project management changes and concepts as they will be applicable in the exam.

Search for alternatives

You need to invest in a good preparation book that will give you a lot of time to practice. The certification exam is filled with incredibly difficult questions and real-life situations that you have to answer correctly. As there is no one right answer to these questions, you need to have your basics right and your concepts on point. Try to get your hands on good preparation resources that can easily be found online.

The PMP exam is really comprehensive, so you should explore it from different angles. The websites like ExamSnap offers great preparation tools that will challenge your knowledge base and give you more information. The platform provides its learners with the study bundle, which includes video tutorials, one study guide, and practice questions and answers verified by the IT professionals.

Attend workshops

Self-study can be a great way to start the process, but sometimes you need group study sessions to give you an extra boost. Attending the PMP prep workshops is a great in‑between. This is actually a good way to study if you like to prepare for the test in a classroom environment. You can meet more people who are trying to get the PMI PMP certificate. Another reason why you should consider workshops is that they fulfil the 35-contact-hours requirement that is a prerequisite for the credential.

Make flashcards

Flashcards are a very helpful and important way of studying for any test. They become even more significant for getting the PMI PMP credential. It is a cost-effective and portable road map to success. You can easily find downloadable flashcards online and then you can just open them on your phone or computer. It is an immersive preparation method that helps you stay alert and prepared for any difficulties.

Join communities and study groups

Study groups are especially helpful for PMI PMP. As there are many possible correct answers to all the exam questions, you cannot know what is right or wrong. You need group discussions and sharing of ideas that will make it easier for you to understand the concept and strengthen your knowledge base. Other candidates will share resources with you,so it will reduce your time searching for good materials to study.


Keep these tips in your mind when you are preparing for the PMP certification exam. Remember that it is not easy to pass and you may have to appear for the test multiple times before you actually get your certificate. So before applying for it, make sure that you are 100 percent ready. Thus, you will be certain of your strength.

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