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Download WhatsApp Apk:  Are You Searching for the latest new updated version of WhatsApp apk file then you are at the right website. When we talk about the messaging app operating systems on a smartphone then Android is recognized as among the best and widely used operating systems as compared to other. Most of People are searching directly WhatsApp APK File on Search Engine rather than searching on play store because it required fast internet data transmitting speed to download WhatsApp apk from play store. Downloading update and newer version from Kadvacorp is very easy to find and install it on your phone number. You will discover obviously various kinds of Whatsapp messenger apk Version in 2022.  We are here to offer you the latest version of WhatsApp apk that could be easy to download along with new version of WhatsApp Messenger apk for Android, iPhone, Windows and another operating system. Every mobile phone number and the operating systems have an almost same method for messaging app download and install for WhatsApp. Just because WhatsApp is a reputable messaging app you will see WhatsApp app trending all the time in play store. The process of downloading is very easy and simple. It can easily install on your smartphone by just downloading free apk file of WhatsApp messenger (personal and business) on your Smartphone.

Latest WhatsApp APK Download Free Update Version

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Today’s New WhatsApp Update Features:

  • WhatsApp Edit feature launched, here is how to edit messages you sent by mistake (WM2.23.11.12 beta).
  • Communities Now Available! beta
  • Sort your chats with an “unread” filter. To get started tap search and choose “Unread”
  • WhatsApp Messenger – You can now create and share a link for your WhatsApp call from the Calls tab
  • Now only admins will be notified when you leave a group
  • Group admins can now delete others’ messages for everyone. All participants can see who deleted it.
  • You can now easily react to a Status post using Status Reactions.
  • You can undo “delete for me” for a few seconds Update
  • See link previews for links shared via Status.
  • Now only admins will be notified when you leave a group
  • Group admins can now delete others’ messages for everyone. All participants can see who deleted it.
  • WhatsApp Messenger beta 
  • beta new subscription feature
  • WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app.
  • How to avoid WhatsApp from blocking
  • Whatsapp update (Group admins to be able to delete messages sent by other users in the group)
  • beta2 -step verification for WhatsApp web/desktop
  • Share same photo/video in chat and status at the same time
  • New interface for voice calls
  • Version: | WhatsApp Business
  • Size: 39.90 MB (lite )
  • Uploaded: Jan 2022 (today)
  • WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app.
  • WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections
  • – Chat backup will also be end you end encrypted
  • WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app
  • WhatsApp rolls out voice and video calling feature for Desktop app
  • You can now remove sound when sharing videos. Tap the mute icon before hitting send.
  • WhatsApp Pay now live UPI Payment
  • WhatsApp set to increase group calling and video calling limits
  • 2.20.143 – multi-device feature in the app
  • Dark mode is now available. Try it by going to Settings > Chats > Theme > select ‘Dark’. For users on Android 10, dark mode is enabled automatically when you turn it on in system settings.
  • Mark Read.
  • Filter chat lists. Quickly find chats based on labels or whether they are read or unread.
  • – New features on WhatsApp Web. You can now view label indicators and filter by labels using the chat list filtering icon when using WhatsApp Web. Filtering by unread messages, groups, and broadcast lists isn’t supported on WhatsApp Web.
  • – Share short links ( Create and share short links that make it easy for customers to start a chat with you.
  • Group admins can now choose to allow only admins to send messages to a group. Open “Group info” > tap “Group settings”. Non-admins will still be able to read messages and respond privately by tapping “Message admin”. (2.18.205)
  • Now you can easily record long Voice Messages. 2.18.172
  • When recording a Voice Message, just swipe up to lock recording so you can continue to record without keeping your finger down.
  • If you’re a group admin, you can now remove admin rights from other participants. Select the admin in “Group info” and tap “Dismiss as admin.”
  • whatsApp Domain Lets Users Chat Without Opening The App (2.18.138)
  • From group info, you can search the list of group participants
  • saved voice messages’ feature works  update version 2.18.123
  • You can now add a description to a group.
  • WhatsApp Decodes Spammer’s Logic – Will Label All Forwarded Messages Now! (2.18.67)
  • Whatsapp payment apk update.For (WhatsApp payments now showing for beta testers in India)
  • Search for the perfect animated GIF right from within WhatsApp. Tap the emoji button in a chat and then tap GIF at the bottom of the emoji panel to get started
  • WhatsApp Now Allows Deletion Of Sent Messages Latest Update Whatsapp (Now you can delete messages you’ve sent by mistake. Just tap and hold a message you sent in the last 7 minutes, tap delete, and select “Delete for everyone.” The message will be deleted for you and everyone in the chat. Requires the latest version of WhatsApp.)
  • Add color filters to your photos. Just capture or select a photo, and swipe up to pick a filter.
  • Live location: now you can share your location in real-time with family and friends. Open any chat, tap the attach icon > location, and tap “Share live location” to get started.
  • Just tap the pencil icon in the Status tab, type what you’d like, and pick a background color or font of your choice.
  • Now you can post text-only updates to your status and they’ll be visible for 24 hours.
  • When in a video call, you can tap back to continue the video call in picture-in-picture mode (Android 8.0+).
  • When you receive multiple photos or videos in a row from the same sender, they’ll now be grouped together as an album.
  • Send and receive messages any file type through chats.
  • Pin chats to the top of your chat list, so you can quickly find them. Just tap and hold on a chat and tap the pin icon at the top of your screen.
  • You can now send and receive documents of any type. To send a document, open a chat, tap attach — document.
  • Quickly find the right emoji with emoji search. Tap the emoji icon (?) in a chat and tap the search icon (?
  • From the in-app camera, you can now swipe up to see all of your photos and videos.
  • Typing text in a chat, you can tap and hold to select the text to easily bold, strike-through, or italicize it. Also, send and receive messages text or translate using Google translator on phone.
  • WhatsApp works are latest updates for business accounts developments and expand horizon on mobile.

There are many websites that provide WhatsApp apk file with download option but most of the sites are filled with virus and bunch of ads, however, we suggest not downloading WhatsApp apk file from there. You never know if that WhatsApp version is official or not, whether it is newer version or old the official. WhatsApp Messenger is regarded as the easy and quickest method to sending a text on your smartphone to any contact or friend in your listing. The only need is the other people must have WhatsApp app on their phone number. After introducing WhatsApp business app, you can keep a two separate personal and business number.

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Recently, WhatsApp Messenger App is right for almost all types of operating programs in the marketplace such as Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Therefore you’ll be easily downloading and use WhatsApp to get in touch with any family member or the person who are in your contact list, no matter which type of mobile you and your friend have.

WhatsApp Application users may easily send and receive messages or deliver text, voice message record, links and photos to any user. It has also featured like Auto picture compression allows sending data pretty fast (even though there is certainly a little quality decrease). Probably, the most unusual and most used applications on WhatsApp works that allows you to instantly make and control groupings for personal and business. Any specific user can join your group if they’ve been allowed by the group’s admin, and it has also option to leave so they may leave it when they wish. WhatsApp is the ideal conversation application for Android, iPhone and Windows users because you don’t have to pay for conversation text messages, even if it is long and it is completely free. The recently messaging app added a New Feature like Video Call, Story Update, Voice Message and many others. Users can easily able to share their story, videos, voice message, and pictures in their status updates. It will be visible for 24 hours in their tab. We have a latest and updated version of Whatsapp messenger apk file to download free.

WhatsApp: secret features

  • Watch YouTube videos on WhatsApp without getting kicked out of the app:
  • Send or receive money on WhatsApp:UPI-based payments feature in India
  • Hide the Blue Ticks or read messages without the sender knowing it: You just need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts.
  • ‘Unsend’ or ‘Delete’ a message:  WhatsApp might soon extend the time limit of deleting an accidental message to 4,096 seconds, which is roughly 68 minutes.
  • WhatsApp Live Location sharing:With this cool feature, the location is dynamic and updates in real time, even after you leave the WhatsApp app
  • How to use Starred messages on WhatsApp:  can bookmark specific messages so that can be referred later.
  • Use WhatsApp on your computer: Users can send or receive whatsApp messages on their pc too
  • Latest whatsapp features.

WhatsApp Business App: WhatsApp for business is one of the latest developments from app creators. In this WhatsApp works, you need to verify your phone number, address, and other details related to your business accounts. WhatsApp for business accounts initiative may become a Google Business or LinkedIn competitor in future. Know more about WhatsApp for Business and Download it at – WhatsApp Business App Apk Download Online. Here Only!

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