Set Maximum Memory to Increase Windows Performance Speed Up

Speed up windows 7 performance: Windows 7 which is one of the most popular Windows based operating system and is among the best of the lot OSes in the market as this one really comes with a good set of customization tools along with the most visually appealing graphical interface.

Now, not many people has computers with higher amount of RAM so that it will speed up the computer but how you can really optimize the same is what really counts, so let’s check out what are the ways with which you can set the amount of RAM used by this operating system.

Increase Windows Performance

So, in the due course of this article, let’s see on how you can easily optimize the usage of the RAM in your Windows 7 operating system in a simple manner.

Procedure to Set the maximum memory for increasing the Windows Performance:

First of all you will have to open the Windows 7 Start menu. And then all you need to do is to just type in msconfig in the search space. And hit on the Enter key.


Now, next up you will see that a system utility configuration will be popping up. In which, you will have to select the Boot tab. And then need to click on advance option button as you can see below.

boot kadvacorp

How to speed up windows 7 ultimate:

Now, next up after opening the System Configuration window. You will have to first click on the “Boot” option tab as shown above. And then you need to click on the “Advanced options” tab.

After which you will have to check the box against the maximum memory and need to enter the amount. Which you wish to use in the pop up window of “Boot advanced Options”. And then simply hit on Ok option.

Do note that it’s advised to not to set the memory as 700 as or else your system will become unstable.

advacnce boot kadvacorp

Now, next up you will have to click on the OK button. And then it will close the advanced boot option. After this you will have to check the box against Make sure that all the boot settings are permanent. And then click on the Apply option as shown in the below screen shot.

Speed up windows 7 software:

This will reboot your PC instantly, so make sure you have saved all your work. Or else everything will be closed and the data which you have been working. That will be cancelled and then again you will have to re work on.


Note: After you restart the computer you will see that there is a the change just by going Performance Tab in Window Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Escape). If you have a integrated graphics chip on your motherboard and are using a graphics card instead. Then double check your BIOS settings to make sure. That you do not have any memory allocated to the integrated graphics chip.

Know more about Windows Updates:

So, in this way you can easily increase the maximum memory performance of the computer by increasing the RAM space in a simple tutorial as mentioned above. Please note that you are following the above steps as it is or else there are high chances that your system will become unstable.

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