Sketch App Morpholio Journal – Organize Ideas in a Paper Sketchbook

Digital Sketch App Morpholio Journal: morpholio introduces ‘journal‘, an online sketch app that redefines the sketchbook as a mixing chamber. Where photos can influence drawings, and drawings can inspire thoughts. This Morpholio Sketch app is a place to create, reflect, muse, develop, and reinvent. Whether starting the creative process or developing a masterpiece.

With this Digital Sketch app, designers, artists, writers, or members of any creative culture can write, draw, sketch, collage, paint. Or color on anything, anywhere, with a sketchbook of infinite possibility at their fingertips.

Sketch App Morpholio Journal: Write, Sketch, Note, Draw & Organize Ideas in a Paper Sketchbook

Sketch App ‘designware’ is a set of essential pens, pencils and color palettes

We all use sketchbooks, notepads, and journals to record the day-to-day. Our strongest ideas, greatest inspirations, personal thoughts, places. We’ve been and hopefully all the incredible things we will create.

They are part of our life, our memory, who we are and how we will shape the world around us. The problem with digital sketchbooks app is that while they are slowly turning everyone into digital artists. There is still something missing in their equation.

The ‘Sketch App journal’ allows users to sketch and write on any media. Design over an image, get creative with a photo, or make backgrounds of any type. Sketch on top of any surface, and the sketch will literally move, twist and scale with the image it’s on.

Digital sketching app overview:

the collage setting lets users paste an assortment of different media

Draw on everything to build the ultimate archive of inspirations, ideas, and encounters; allowing the long memory of the computer to augment the short memory of the individual. morpholio can now collect and store more information, than ever before and require new ways to get through it, while not missing what everyone needs.

Clearly the scroll is not the answer. in ‘journal’ users can soar through your infinite number of sketches, images, notes, photos and thoughts with the touch of a finger. this groundbreaking approach to viewing yields an ultra fast, highly optimized page-turn interface making the entire book accessible to discovery and review within seconds.

‘Sketch App journal’ includes eight pens, brushes and pencils including chisel markers, charcoal, and other rendering tools capable of sheer digital magic. with unique line types per tool, they are carefully calibrated, not just for artists, but for designers who need to sketch in fine detail and diagram with precision.

Digital drawing tutorial:

The collage, a tool of invention for many creative cultures, has been used to re-mix any number of visual media to promote new ways of seeing.

A sophisticated drawing and painting platform opens up to the art of sampling, creating a collage tool that allows users to layer their everyday findings and thoughts in one place. build mixed media artwork or layouts, photo albums, mood boards, material boards, scrapbooks, or rich archives of your discoveries, ideas and creations.

‘Sketch App journal is an infinite sketchbook that goes with you and grows with you. its speed at jumping between pages is important. it’s about reviewing and remembering as much drawing and documenting.

Sketch App capture ideas using pixel ink

Its unbounded number of pages and ludicrous speed will make enjoying all of your sketchbooks a daily pleasure,” describes morpholio co-creator mark collins. ‘whether you sketch daily or occasionally, inspiration strikes us all at unexpected moments.

morpholio journal sketch app is ideal for designers, architects, photographers, artists, travelers, or members of any creative culture. its unique book interface affords instant and easy navigation of thousands of pages, unlocking infinite potential. finally, you can keep track of everything you encounter, and find new ways to visualize, test, and explore the world around you.

all images courtesy of morpholio

Check the morpholio sketch app ‘journal’ and download the free app here.

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  • These damn tutorial videos for graphic programs like the Morpholio Suite try to impress us with their artiness and coolness instead of informing us in the SHORTEST time possible how to use the program. I am *not* interested in how excited some user is about the program(s). Don’t waste my time with cheerleading.

    Can I import a PDF to trace? In Trace (yes) AND Journal (don’t know)?
    What files can’t I import? SVG?
    Since an iPad Pro can’t import directly, what are the intermediaries? Dropbox? Email? iBooks? What? Which one is more reliable and less a PITA?
    Can I save to Morpholio modules from other iPad or Mac programs? Which ones? Must I be in the iOS version to save to Morpholio?

    Answer basic operating questions.

    EDIT: This is *not* a complaint about Kadvacorp. I’m writing this here because Morpholio has zero manuals and what it does have is de minimus, and maybe Kadvacorp can raise the issue where it counts. Thx

    NEW EDIT: For example, look at the image with Javier Galindo’s work above. The Greek statue clips are out of the iPad. How did those get created for use? Photo’d with an iPad? Can you resize? I can’t figure out a way to resize the sticky notes. So many things, but they interfere with my workflow. Easier to go back to paper. I need to write a lot of stuff on drawings. What are best practices?

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