Tuscan Style home design decor ideas photos and plans example

Tuscan Design Style homes have their own Repo. So, What is Tuscan Style Homes Decor or What is Tuscan Kitchen?. We try to clear our ideas about Tuscan style home decorating ideas with one fine example of Tuscan house with pictures. Designer Brent Gibson collaborated with Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes. in developing this Tuscan style home in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, USA.

Example of Good Tuscan Style House Decorating Ideas.

tuscan style,

So, With deciding about house design style by the designer. They started their Tuscan style home with imported materials from Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

tuscan color palette for house decor and painting

The Tuscan residence was custom built to compliment the historical aesthetics. That are found throughout the Mediterranean region. along with influences from the Spanish.

Tuscan interior design examples and ideas.

Custom forged iron gates lead the way towards the interiors. Which feature a rustic, sun-baked look.

tuscan style furniture

Cozy living space and library reading space in Tuscan touch. With Spanish color shades with exposed wooden beam. Also hanging chandeliers with lighting give elegance of living space.

tuscan interior design examples and ideas

“To emphasize the connection of the region with the land, the paint is heavily earthy with unpretentious hues of a Tuscan hillside,” the designer said.

Tuscan style decorating ideas.

A stairway at the core of the house provides access to the upper levels. Aesthetically, this Tuscan design element is enriched by ceramic tiles saved from a Spanish mission in Mexico.

tuscan style decorating ideas

Hanging Lanterns Lights in stair well, side wall decor with wooden framed window and paintings. The entire composition with color selection give you a warm and comfy feel in this Tuscan House.

Tuscan Style elements in home decor

All iron work is custom hand forged with beeswax finish.

Tuscan kitchen.

In the Tuscan kitchen, a hand-carved limestone vent hood above the appliances acts as the focal point of the interior.

tuscan style kitchen

Tuscan wall decor ideas.

Well balance geometry of entire wall of living room. Painting became a focus point with two side wall mounted lamps. Then window with full height drapes in pestle based colors create a drama in home decor theme.

tuscan wall decor ideas

Tuscan fire place design ideas.

tuscan style fire place design ideas

The study is designed and built using Clear Alder wood, which has less knots in its structure.

Tuscan home decor.

The home library is an elegant refuge for the inhabitants of this classic-style Oklahoma residence.

tuscan home decor

Tuscan style Bathroom furniture

Ref : Photos and information provided via e-mail by Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes.

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