Top 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

If you have your own business or are trying to make it in the social media world, you may wonder how to improve your online presence. How can you improve your online presence and draw traffic to your business or brand?

Top 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Although it may seem easy in our technology-driven world, creating an online presence isn’t as easy as it looks. If you want to improve and expand your visibility, credibility, and reputation online, you must put in a lot of work. Read on to discover the best ten proven ways to improve your online presence and attract more consumers for your business.

Use SEO Strategy

SEO is search engine optimization that directs an audience to your website or profiles online. There are various SEO tips and strategies, but the most essential SEO tip is to use keywords that will attract users.

Create a list of keywords or phrases related to your business. You can also find more terms by using the Google search bar and suggested searches after typing in your type of business.

Although identifying keywords is crucial, to stand out to a crowd, you need to ensure you are using more keywords than your competitors. You can analyze competitors using paid SEO tools or just use Google, and this will allow you to see their keywords, generate new ones, and identify the best advertising tools for the most traffic.

Another factor that SEO marketers highlight is website speed. Nowadays, people are growing less and less patient. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, users will likely go back and not visit your page.

Optimize your site for the best online presence for the best speed. If you are unsure if your site loads fast enough, you can use various websites such as Google Page Speed Insights to get a full report.

Create New Content Regularly

One way to increase traffic to your page is to create and post new content related to your business regularly. You can create a blog that covers various subtopics or frequently asked questions to draw many users to your website.

Most online users are attracted to websites that are actively producing content that is relevant to the business. By posting free content or questions, you create value for your website.

Content does not have to be blog posts; it can be advertisements, videos, updates, and much more! Users are more likely to interact and engage with you if they see that you are active and produce high-quality content online.

Try Advertising

A great way to improve your online presence is to use advertisements! You can advertise your business or products on social media or other websites, and these advertisements target an audience directly tied to your business while it builds your brand’s awareness.

There are various ways to create advertisements to build your digital presence. The best way is to use paid advertisements. These can direct internet users to your website to send a message, or focus on getting more followers!

Facebook is a great way to begin paid advertising. You can choose each post you want to advertise and select the target group. Google Ads is another way to start reaching a bigger audience and build your online presence.

Create a User-Friendly Website

If you are looking to get the most traffic and really improve your online presence, then create a website! If you already have a webpage but aren’t receiving much attention, then SEO experts recommended reviewing and optimizing your site with keywords.

It is also important to create an extremely user-friendly website to boost your digital presence. Internet users like ethical, efficient, effective and beautiful websites. Users should be able to access information easily.

To ensure your website is user-friendly, check out the following tips:

  • Make it compatible with mobile phones or tablets
  • Create easy and clear navigation
  • Ensure fast load times
  • Make it available in various languages
  • Keep your logo visible
  • Make it easy to purchase, chat, or contact you with ACTION buttons
  • Use language that is easy to understand for various users

With a user-friendly website, you are more than likely to get higher traffic than one that is poorly put together. Take your time and carefully plan every detail of every post and design of your site.

Use Interactive Content

SEO experts recommend using interactive content for web pages because it gives users an incentive to click and view more information. Users will be more engaged in your posts and you will yield higher ratings as well as a better social presence.

You can have users interact through videos, quizzes, books, animated infographics and so much more! It is a great digital marketing strategy and will appeal to many more viewers when compared to clear action buttons or reading.

Use Local Directory Websites

If you are looking to reach a bigger audience, list your business in a local directory online. In using a local directory, more people will be able to see and access your webpage and information. Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, and Yahoo are excellent online directories for you to use as you get started.

Engage and Respond

If you already have a good digital presence, yet would like to continue improving, the best way to do this is to engage and respond to your consumers. You can use your social media, ask for reviews and reply, create an FAQ page, or have an online chat.

The most important thing is to respond promptly and clearly to ensure consumers are happy. In doing so, customers will be more likely to recommend your business to others. Your site will also be higher ranked due to your responsivity and activeness on the site.

Encourage User Reviews

An excellent way to increase your rating and online validity and presence is to encourage and respond to user reviews. Keep these reviews visible to other consumers to give them the security that they are purchasing a high-quality product or service from a professional business.

You should also respond to each review to stay engaged with your customers. When you respond to clients, it shows other users that you appreciate and value their purchase, giving them more confidence to recommend or use your services.

Use Social Media

If you only have a website, you should utilize the social media you are most familiar with to promote your website. Keep your posts public and allow sharing! This allows you to get more viewers outside of your local area.

You can also comment, respond, share, and promote various things on your social media. This increases your activeness online as well as your reliability, credibility, and reputation.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can use Canva to design posts or infographics to post. You can also follow accounts that would be most likely be attracted to your site.

Create an Email List

The last and final tip from SEO experts is to create an e-mail list. This allows you to build potential relationships with clients as well as share information.

Email lists also provide lasting value for specific audiences. You can decide what information to send and ensure that it is clear and evident, as well as provide updates to keep them informed. Subscribers are also more likely to be buyers!


Creating an online presence can be difficult, but with the right amount of research, effort, and time put into creating and advertising your website, you can improve your digital presence. Showing credibility, reliability, and visibility takes time, but if you follow these SEO tips you are more than likely to succeed!

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