Architectural Design Theory: Theory of Design in Architecture for Create Design Concept is a collective thought for how to create or start your design or creation in an architecture or any other fields of creativity. Theory of Design in Architecture for Create Design Concept  is what? We are discussing here actually design related to all. So, let’s see what it is. “Design Concept” is a well know term in Architecture, Art, Interior design, Graphic design, and many creative fields. Theory of Design in Architecture for Create Design Concept – wing of thought The term “Design Concept” is directly connected to mainly any creative field and it is related to start with your design basics.

Theory of Design in Architecture for Create Design Concept

For understanding of Design concept, we need to go or get some back knowledge of “Process of Design”. As an Architect, I described some very common but very important step of design developments in field of design in some other day, in different article; here we just concentrate on only Design Concept.

So, let’s came back to our track and go with design concept theory.

theory of design in architecture,Design Concept Maths: Generally when, creator or designer put some object, person, liveable object or tangible or intangible subject or object for their preference or reference and inspired by that subject. And it is means the source or capacity and level of inspiration is totally on based of individual’s knowledge and capacity of understanding of subject and relation to their design development.

theory of design in architecture,Design Concept-Female Body Shapes: Here, when we select anything for our based of design concept development phenomenal subject. That thing is purely metaphorical act as a “spark “. And this spark or you can say it is a starting point of your design development. I would like to say that point is “Design derivation Spark”.

For Design Concept development, designer can take any kind of subject or object as per their personal knowledge based on expertise in the field of creativity. Here we are see some of example which is generally use in selection for concept…like

theory of design in architecture,Geometrical shapes, Human body and parts, Common things around us like ball, guitar, cell, wheel, some time it may be intellectual also, flower, birds, living things and its shapes, etc…. Design Concept-concept Before I finished this article. I would like to say mainly in theory of architecture we take consideration of two type of design concept method.

theory of design in architecture, theory of design in architecture,

  1. Tangible design concept.

  2. Intangible design concept.

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Stay tune for more updates on theory of design in architecture with latest trends.

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