Vlocity Launches New Program to Enable Partners to Advance Industry Solutions on Salesforce

Vlocity, Inc., a prominent cloud-based industrial software provider, officially revealed the worldwide release of the Vlocity Industry Partner (VIP) programme. The innovative programme gives consulting companies, international integrators, and cloud computing businesses economic prospects and industry-based services to assist the nation’s leading corporate customers migrate toward the cloud and digital.

Vlocity provides Salesforce-based industry-specific cloud services. Vlocity collaborators will optimize the expertise and digital change success effectiveness for joint clients by engaging with vertically stacked suppliers to generate increased performance benefits and client experience. Vlocity’s novel VIP programme involves expenditures on staff, infrastructure, material, and coaching, demonstrating the company’s dedication to associates and client success. Through Salesforce Vlocity Training, you can learn about how Vlocity launches new programs to enable partners to advance industry solutions on Salesforce.

Vlocity is facilitating the top global cloud advisory and tech companies to make deep domain practices and system integration all over Vlocity’s digital transformation journey, following unparalleled business expansion, client services, and numerous business accolades, such as the 2017 Glotel BSS Transformation Excellence Award. The programme consists of the following components:

  • Exposure to a revamped Vlocity Partner Community portal, which has been enhanced to have included market resources, data on mobile and cloud applications, and specific subject expert support.
  • An emerging Business Cloud learning management platform that enables both official and informally educational information as well as eLearning curricula.
  • Augmented training and testing pathways which facilitate select collaborators to obtain distinguishable expert knowledge in cloud-based software like Contracts, CPQ,  Enterprise Catalog, Order Management, Omnichannel allocation, Phone, Order Management, and more, everything to help stakeholders construct manufacturing cloud working teams and improve customer experience.
  • Accessibility to hands-on training, apprenticeship programmes, and developing activities that help consultants become more project-ready.
  • For the first Industry Cloud & Digital Transformation program ramping up, suitably Qualified and experienced Services products and related consulting positions have been added.
  • Increased engagement with allies on innovative thinking and training courses, particularly shared chances at company events, Salesforce World Tours, including Dreamforce sessions.
  • Executive evaluation and monitoring to facilitate customer success with cloud installations and to promote ongoing improvements in succeeding Industry Cloud installations.

The VIP program also offers services and economic advantages for partner organizations that provide complementary packages like digitalization tools as well as a room of industry-oriented, pre-built, and installed procedures for digital transformation within Insurance & Financial Services, Communications & Media, Medical Insurance, Energy and Utilities, and Government Sector industries.

“Today’s modern client-centric businesses require the greatest platforms, industry-specific apps, and qualified subject matter experts to realize the potential of digital transformation. To assist our clients, our objective is to establish an environment of the best industry-specific partners,” stated Rip Gerber, Vlocity’s Chief Marketing & Alliance Director. “We’ve built an industrial cloud strategy by formalizing our associate ecosystem programme, which puts together all the right software, employees, and procedures for our customers.”

Matthew Farrell, chief executive in Accenture’s Cloud First Apps division and Vlocity practice head, remarked, that Accenture’s Cloud First Applications strategy is grounded in offering advanced, industry-based cloud services that accelerate digitalization for our clients worldwide. Our partnership with Vlocity manages to combine Accenture’s brand cloud technical infrastructure and comprehensive domain expertise with Vlocity’s industry cloud technology solutions, and we are excited to work together rather closely throughout this new campaign to help our collaborative diverse client base in their industries.

David Trinh who is the Managing Director of GTM Industry stated that IBM Bluewolf with Vlocity is bringing to the industry innovative digital transformation solutions that integrate the finest of industrial clouds and AI technology to connect business requirements with industrial imperatives. Using Vlocity as well as industry cloud products, the collaboration programme will expedite our expansion.

Don Lynch, Salesforce’s senior vice president of global strategic alliances observed that Companies and organizations are rapidly going to the cloud,  Salesforce and its associates, such as Vlocity, are well placed to assist clients in digitally changing their user experiences and processes, and we’re thrilled that Vlocity is spending in partner support and training to assist customers to get the most out of Salesforce.


Vlocity assures pre-built Salesforce solutions to meet the requirements of specific industries which require CRMs that are mostly customized beyond Salesforce’s out-of-the-box state. Vlocity, which was founded in 2014, swiftly established itself as an “industrial cloud” pioneer, receiving 3 Forbes Cloud 100 honors in 2017, 2018, & 2019. Vlocity applications provide multichannel sales, advertising, servicing, and CPQ solutions to specific industries like Communications, Health coverage, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Multimedia, Healthcare, and Public Sector. Industries profit from pre-built flows and procedures that would otherwise take several months (& millions) to construct custom.  Salesforce purchased Vlocity. Salesforce has been able to include Vlocity’s industry-specific CRM systems in its current Salesforce Industries offerings as a result of the acquisition. 

What are the advantages of Vlocity for Salesforce?

Industry-oriented solutions are becoming a core pillar of the system’s capabilities as a consequence of this partnership. Salesforce has become more adaptable over time, aiming to address any market problem. One major hurdle, however, remains a mystery: IT complication. Imagine a corporation with a complicated IT stack that includes certain proprietary applications. Replacing it with a centralized platform will require years and a lot of money. Designers and programmers must configure the platform, coordinate, and integrate apps to enable end-to-end company operations.

Vlocity comes into play here. Salesforce now has enterprise product catalogs (EPCs), customer relations management (CRM), order processing, and digital commerce, as well as pre-built methods and new models, thanks to Vlocity. The application is designed in strict conformity with business standards set by organizations like the TM Forum and the MAF. As an outcome, firms can get up and running faster. They may ultimately be self-sufficient, trying to save money on advisers and designers by teaching their personnel.


Vlocity is a prominent developer of industry-oriented cloud and mobile technology that lets the world’s largest corporations achieve digital transformation. Salesforce Vlocity Developers are incredibly popular due to the increasing popularity of Vlocity in the Salesforce ecosystem, rendering it among the most desirable Salesforce assets.

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