Why should work in large architectural firm in starting of your career

Do you know Top Reasons to work in Large Architectural Firm and their benefits for your career start. Very Innovative way to explore Reasons to work in Large Architectural Firm for built better foundation of your healthy career life. If I am describing this situation in other way like, when i came out of college after finishing my graduation architecture. At that time I have a lot of thought coming and going in my mind about how to start my career with the real field of Architecture and Construction industries. In our academic time, we all thinking that we all start our own office and start practicing – good positive thinking. But this is just a thought because when we come out of academic field. There is lots of way to go ahead and many losing thoughts about it. Like someone thinking about further study, some select small architectural firm, some thinking joint MNC’s, and some of it like me thinking to join large architectural firms.

Work In Top 100 Large Architectural Firm In The World

I have a some basic points in my mind about why I am selecting Large architectural firms(Reasons to work in large architectural firm).

Top 10 Reasons to work in Large Architectural Firm

1. Large Working Exposure

Large architectural firm have their Multilevel working systems. Many incoming and outgoing projects so you can get related exposure. Many different kind of experts work in larger firms and this is a great knowledge gainer experience because when you interact with those people and industries best brain.

2. Futuristic Multinational Projects Exposure

Multinational projects can be very exciting!  Working on a project is an educational experience.  All of the project team will be exposed to learning about the site.

Which in turn will educate everyone about the city, roads, people movement, scale of the built environment, transportation systems, grain of the city, attractions, cultural centers, political aims, development and so on.  

3. Fabulous and Expandable Design Resources

Quality Assurance of the design occurs when people have dialogue and exchange ideas. An office will have a Board Review, where board members or senior partners or directors will discuss/critique the project being looked at.

Their experience of past projects can be incorporated and new ideas tested as well.  Regularly pinned up projects allow everyone to see what others are doing and comments are always welcomed.

Apart from the experience of the large community of architects, large offices will tend to have specialized groups that focus on specific tasks and work in parallel with architects on projects.


Top 10 Reasons to work in Large Architectural Firm

4. Open Work Environment Office

Some firms will tend to have an open space office.  As a metaphor for democratic design, everyone has the opportunity to give their own input into the design.

At times, some ideas may be dictated by more senior or experienced staff, but the chance for personal contribution is always there. Most architects will fully be involved in design, which makes sense, since architects are trained at university to do just this.

5.  Targeted Workforce

As opposed to a small firm, large firms are known to acquire some large projects – transport hubs, airports, large offices and more. Project teams will naturally be broken up into smaller teams, which will focus on items like cores, facades, ceilings, washroom, the roof, structure and so on.

The number of people at each task will depending on the complexity but the main reason into a successful project will be the communication and collaboration with everyone on the team.

Sure, drawings can be created as separate files, but talking to one another will be key, when everything goes together. Having this part to play, in the greater whole, becomes that much more exciting and stimulating, when you see the whole building come together beautifully. Of course, if someone isn’t motivated by a particular item, there is more than enough opportunity to work on a variety of things.

6. Inter-Office Opportunities

Large architectural firm have multiple offices and this creates an abundance of opportunities for designers. Even in the early stages of my career, I can work on a project in a different state. From where I live, work temporarily on a project at a different office and travel to cities across the country or world. (I haven’t traveled internationally yet-but the opportunity is there). This multiple-office model means if a large architectural firm wins a massive, multi-phase project in Maharashtra. Designers in New Delhi City may have the chance to help make it a reality.

Beyond just researching a firm’s size, young designers should also ask potential employers if they support such a collaborative culture. I’ve been able to experience the benefit of this model in numerous ways. I was able to transfer from our Mumbai office to Ahmadabad to live closer to home. By making the move in the same firm, I retained my connections and experiences in Mumbai. While expanding my network. This kind of freedom helps young designers move and grow without having to take big risks or make undesirable career changes.

7. Best place for Social and make Friends

Finally, working in a super large office, gives you a chance to meet a lot of people. There must be over 20 different languages spoken at the office, so there’s a chance you’ll meet some really nice people with a huge array of background and experience in architecture and life.

Major social events a couple of times a year and lecture/presentations bring people together.  A nice canteen, coffee bar also breaks the ice and allow for daily conversation and develops great relationships.

8. Team Player Approach

Top 10 Reasons to work in Large Architectural FirmStarting from Site Appraisal and the Brief, architects and designers will work together on appropriating information into something more understandable to all. Which translates to pie charts, mapping, options of massing models on a site, shadow/solar irradiation studies, views and so on.

All of this information would be used to create a visual presentation for the client – power point presentations, wall prints and brochures would be typical formats. This will continue from the next conceptual stages and beyond. The way people are involved with all process and give their inputs with latest ideas.

9. Related Field Experience

  • Urban study groups who do wonderful analysis for sites
  • Visualization; both computer and hand drawings
  • Specialist 3D modelling for complex geometry and parametric.
  • Model-makers who make amazing presentation models
  • Specification teams
  • Material Library experts
  • Sustainability Research
  • Photography

10. Removal of Stage Fear

These teams will be able to support the architects to create stunning presentations in competitions and support the ongoing projects as well. Items such as contracts, budgets and other are also looked after by senior members of the project team or people in the office that specialized in particular area.

Top 10 Reasons to work in Large Architectural Firm

11. Multicultural Experience

When you enter in any large architectural firm, you first see, there are many people from different background and cultural personality present their.

All have their unique identity and ability to explore the world of creativity. This is a great experience of life to work and deal with all those multicultural activity.

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So, Friends this is all about of “Best Reasons to work in Large Architectural Firm“. There will always be a debate about whether young architects should begin their careers at large of small firms. And it’s possible that, had my career taken me a different path, I’d be writing a piece with a completely different view. But, few years in, I’ve discovered a number of benefits I never considered that assure me a large architectural firm was the right starting point for my career. These “hidden gems” have shaped my experiences beyond what I could have imagined. I hope my thinking can help others make the right choice for them.

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