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Why every artist should have a website

The days when artists would put their paintings in a gallery and then wait for the gallery to sell and market them are long gone. Galleries are not the only way to buy and sell art anymore. Today many galleries have closed because of the massive growth of the eCommerce market. People buy everything online, so why not art as well? This is one strong reason why having a website is mandatory even in the art industry. 

Why every artist should have a website

Setting up a website for your artwork is actually easier than it may seem. Within minutes you can have a professional website for less money than you might think. No matter if you’re looking for a simple website to display your art or for a business website, all-in-one website builders got you covered. Website builders for artists allow you to create and design your website without having to edit the initial code only by using a drag-and-drop interface that lets you customize certain elements on the page with the available web page templates. Having a website will help you showcase, promote, and sell your artwork and photography to a wider audience without having to depend on a gallery or an agent.

So if you want to take your art business to the next level, keep reading this article. You will find 5 benefits for artists and photographers that come along with expanding online and having a website for your work.

A website can make you look more professional

Having a professional-looking website will enhance the perception of professionalism to your clients and will show them that you are serious about creating art and have invested enough money and time into the work. It will allow you to build up your reputation by giving people the opportunity to learn about who you are as an artist. Your website should reflect your work and show off your personality, you can use an about me section to tell your story.  The website can be our own online gallery or a tool to show potential galleries about your artwork. To make your website professional looking make sure you choose a simple website design that is easy to use, get your own domain name and a logo, and add a where and how to buy section. You also need a good contact information section on your website to make you look reachable and engaging to clients. To make look even more professional you could link all your social media profiles to give you some added credibility.

You can use your website as a personal portfolio

Using your website as a collection of your artwork can be an important business and marketing tool. A website will showcase your work and allow you to build your personal portfolio as well as establish a place for clients to follow your work, and learn in which galleries you are in and which exhibitions you are hosting. Making your website a personal portfolio can be very easy, with the right website builder all you need to do is choose a theme to give your website a cohesive look. And then just add your content, you can add photos, videos, and all kinds of information regarding your artwork. When you are finished uploading and adding everything you need to complete your portfolio you can publish your website. However, it is very important to continue making content so make sure you do not forget to update when you have new artwork for the show.

You have control over your own marketing assets

Probably the most beneficial reason for an artist to create their own website is to have complete control over their marketing assets. By having your own website, you are allowing clients to purchase your art, solely through you and without the need for a middleman. You do not have to look for galleries, agents, or even social media platforms where you have no direct control over the presentation of your work, who is advertising on your page, or even on the changes that the third party can make to the look of your listing. This way you can easily set up your website to have a Buy Now option where people can purchase your artwork directly through you.

You do not have to pay a commission

Another great benefit of having your own website is the ability to sell your work directly via your website without having to pay a commission. This way you can cut down on unnecessary expenses. Anything you sell through your website can go straight into your pocket. The only thing you will have to pay is the small fee of the company that handles your payments.

Copyright protection

Everything you create is a personal investment of your time, money, and effort. This means your artwork is also your intellectual property. You have the copyright to any piece of original work. Copyright allows you to control how your work is going to be used. If you are a copyright owner you have the exclusive right to copy, distribute, perform, broadcast, or adapt your work. The duration of your copyright can depend on the type of your work and whether it is published or unpublished. Having your own digital library of your artwork can help you and save you a lot of hassle in the event of copyright infringement.

 To conclude

There are many more reasons why an artist should have their own professional website. So we strongly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the freedom that comes with working online. Not having to be tied down to physical space focusing all your energy on your artwork anywhere with a solid internet connection.

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