Fixed windows could not update the computer’s boot configuration. installation cannot proceed

The most effective fix when encountering the “Windows could not Update the computer to boot into the next phase of installation” error is to remove/disable any unnecessary hardware. (Remove network adapters, sound cards, serial cards, etc. If you have multiple HDDs or SDDs, disconnect them) This is especially effective in those situations where the user tries to upgrade an existing Windows installation error getting Windows 7,8,10 windows 11

windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. installation cannot proceed

Follow Simple step

First Check Installation media is improperly(Not corrupt).

Go To BIOS Setup

The key or keys may differ depending on your computer, but some of the most common ones are F1, F2, F10, F12, Del, or Esc (Microsoft Surface Bios Key Power + Up Volume )

Go To Security Disable Secure Boot

Select Boot Configuration

Microsoft Surface Book

Configure Boot Device To Uncheck (Turn Off)

Enable boot Configuration Lock

Press F10 To Save Bios Setting.

Restart Laptop Desktop Re Setup Windows. Thanks Now Working

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